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Zoosk has a consumer rating of 3.68 stars from 4,536 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Zoosk most frequently mention good luck, great experience and soul mate. Zoosk ranks 6th among Dating sites. Zoosk is a unique dating company on a mission to seamlessly Zoosk.com - Best Online Dating Reviews Site in 2019 Zoosk.com is a unique dating company on a mission to seamlessly integrate social networking and online dating. I found it a quite boring site I found it a quite boring site, no one talks/chats at all plus repeated profile's over & over again, took out a 3 months subscription after a week ask for my money back which they did promptly I might add, I get messages now someone asking a question, but when you look it's a standard generated computer question on there behalf to get you 'chatting' so your.

Zoosk is one of the most successful players in the internet dating site arena. It has over the years developed from a simple Facebook application to one of the most sought-after internet dating services providers in the world. Its heavy integration with different social networking platforms and smartphones is a big plus and a stand out from its competition.

This feature allows its users to seamlessly connect and communicate across various social networking platforms. This means that millions of Zooskers (Zoosk users) from over 70 countries across the world can conveniently connect using the Internet, Facebook, and other popular platforms.

Zoosk employs an ultra-modern matchmaking algorithm to generate the most viable matches for its users. This algorithm does more than just match you with your potential partners. It also carries out an in-depth analysis of your dating profile and compiles a dating insights report that includes and a list of users who have developed an interest in you.

This behavioral based matchmaking technology works by what is termed as ‘learning’ users’ preferences as they interact and socialize with potential matches and consequently modeling their behavior. It uses the data it collects to generate and improve the chances of success in subsequent match suggestions. This translates to elevated match success rate for millions of Zooskers around the globe. The potential matches are conveyed through three different discovery tools:

  • Zoosk’s daily potential match suggestion.
  • The search feature that filters through millions of profiles.
  • Carousel, a prompt display of profile pictures.


Final Zoosk Review. For as much trouble as Zoosk goes through to establish themselves as some sort of romantic social network, at the end of the day people are using it as a dating site, and in that regard it is just a run-of-the-mill site with people’s profile pictures and the ability to establish contact with them. Zoosk has a consumer rating of 3.68 stars from 4,536 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Zoosk most frequently mention good luck, great experience and soul mate. Zoosk ranks 6th among Dating sites.


The registration process for Zoosk is quick and straightforward. Zoosk has a one-click sign-up option through Google Plus or Facebook, allowing new users to borrow their information from their social media profiles. Alternately, they can sign-up using a valid email address and a password and will be required to enter some personal details like gender and date of birth, before continuing.

In the next step, the users can add their religious affiliation before moving on to indicate whether they are interested in women or men. After that, you move to choosing your location (location settings can be changed anytime), then upload a profile photo (it’s wise to use a high-quality photo to create a good impression).

The final section the About You segment ( this section covers body type, education, children, height, ethnicity, and lifestyle) and you are all set. You can choose to add extra information about yourself later.

Top Features:

Profile Carousel

The Carousel feature allows users to scroll through potential matches generated by Zoosk’s Matchmaker. This list is constantly updated as the system continuously tracks users’ behavior and search preferences.

2019 Zoosk Reviews Pricing


The SmartPicks feature gives the users highly compatible match suggestion chosen specifically for them by Zoosk. Members can increase chances of success of their SmartPicks by updating information on all their personal preferences.


The search feature allows members to manually search for potential partners by using various search filters. The search filters include age, location, height, relationship status (never married, widowed, divorced, etc.), ethnicity, children, religion, body type, education, smoker/non-smoker, etc.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Premium/paid members can send receive replies from both paying and non-paying members.
  2. Social media integration.
  3. It has a huge user base with millions of singles users from all over the globe.
  4. Multilingual (supports over 20 different languages).
  5. Free sign-up (no fee is charged on registration).
  6. It offers affordable premium subscriptions.


  1. Profiles contain only basic information which limits search options to some extent.
  2. Ads on site.


For privacy purposes. Zoosk offers its members the option to browse incognito. It also has an option for deleting your account as well as blocking and reporting annoying users.

Ease of Use

The zoosk.com website is highly responsive and easy to navigate. It is very mobile friendly and comes with a mobile app for use on the go. Registration is free and simple, making it convenient for singles that don’t have time to fill in lengthy questionnaires.


SubscriptionsMonthly RateTotal Payment
1 month$29.95$29.95
3 months$19.98$59.95
6 months$12.49$74.95

Editor’s Verdict

Zoosk.com is a combination of high-quality matchmaking services and a state of the art technology which has helped the online dating giants stay ahead of their competition. Zoosk gives its clients a fun yet interactive user experience with a touch of excellence and great value for their money. Join www.zoosk.com for free and up your chances of finding that perfect love.

If there is any app that is used widely and that too in local languages, it has to be undoubtedly- Zoosk. It is an online dating site which is available in more than 25 languages and in more than 80 countries. Now how cool is that?

Its Iranian CEOs and founders make quiet the cut and are extremely well qualified in their own fields. While one of them- Mehr, was working for NASA and later dropped out to work with Zoosk, the other partner is equally talented and qualified.

Zoosk is one of the best dating apps available online. It works on a very simple logical approach. In order to get a suitable match, they use a pretty simplified matchmaking engine. This engine sets you up with a pair on the basis of how you navigate through the site. They depend on a behavioral match making algorithm and an extremely well laid out intuitive layout.

Zoosk Review

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  • Although the data you fill in is a bit too much, it helps you browse in a better manner and get you straight at the matches which you will intuitively like.
  • Concept of Zoosk coins: More visibility and unlock other profiles.
  • It uses a Behavioral Matchmaking Engine.
  • Fill in an extensive detailed profile.
  • Requires a lot of data (unnecessary data)
  • Browsing and viewing through profiles can a taxing job.


To operate and do practically anything on this application, something which is a basic requirement is that you will have to fill in an extensive profile which will have a long list and will demand details.
Unlike other dating sites where members can view profiles and scroll around without logging in, Zoosk puts a lot of stress on identifying its users and knowing them


Just like behavioral sciences is a thing, the founders of Zoosk thought that finding partners on the basis of the behavior of the user and the way she/he navigates, it will be convenient to help them find a suitable match.

The Zoosk Behavioral Matchmaking engine is always alert. The minute you start operating the application, in the background, the Behavioral Matchmaking engine starts to function. You can scroll and browse through a large number of potential matches.

As you show interest in a particular kind of person, the matchmaking engine adopted and employed by Zoosk starts analyzing your behavior and eventually tailors results in the future. This helps in offering potential matches you are likely to want to date. It is like the application is doing half of the work on your behalf.

3. Customized Searching

You can change your settings. You can accordingly set criteria for things which are important to you or which will top your priorities when you are looking for a guy or a match
What Zoosk will do is that it will offer a list of possibilities. Although even the advanced search which is available on the app of Zoosk does not offer a lot of search categories or choices or other options, it still manages to do a fairly decent job.
Although if you compare Zoosk to other dating sites like Match.com, you will feel that your browsing and searching are not that extensive as they are on Match.com.


Another option for finding different matches could be that which involves the Zoosk Scientific Matchmaking Service. This service has a peculiar job of showing a profile every 24 hours. This display is based on the preferences.

How this services work is a two way process:

  • When Zoosk Scientific Matchmaking Service presents you with certain matches it always gives you an option to like the match or you could just give it a pass.
  • Now, if the person on the receiving end also reciprocates in a similar manner and likes your profile, Zoosk has a special feature and will facilitate an introduction.


With all the various fun features that are offered by Zoosk, it makes the whole experience a little more fun and playful. With all of the currency coins, carousels and electronic winking, this is one of the more playful sites which you will ever come across

If this sounds disappointing to all the audience who wanted something serious out of this, do not worry. Zoosk has a comparatively serious side as well. The Zoosk Behavioral Matchmaking service engine helps you to narrow down and filter the field of matches that you would come across.
This matchmaking happens very naturally and intuitively.


Any user who starts to look for sites for online dating considers one criterion as to where she/ he should invest. Getting a premium gold subscription or just making a user profile on the dating site is one of the first questions that anyone thinks about. Also you do get a free subscription option as well. You could try that before you want to actually go for it and pay the extra money.

So let us see what are the privileges offered to paid subscribers and is it really worth it to spend all the extra bucks.

  • Paid subscribers can send messages and chat with other subscribers, connect with SmartPick introductions, and see the profiles of people who have viewed them.
  • Regular ways to connect on Zoosk, both the free and paid subscribers can easily purchase Zoosk coins in order to unlock and access premium features. This helps to promote themselves and stand out and understand what a subscription provides

One of the singular charm of ZOOSK is that match making has been made easier and effective. It is not only simple but it is also straight forward. You do not for any reason have to fill in a three hour long questionnaire. Rather all you have to do is sign up and play around with this application as you like.

This application works on the simple rule that the more time you invest in this application, the more you will figure out about what works best for you and how to go about finding that perfect partner for yourself.

Yes, you do not get any overwhelming number of notifications or feed update which might distract you or often many users find this particular feature to be extremely annoying. The site as well as the app features a very clear cut section which displays individual profiles. This clear distinction helps you to browse who is online, or if you want to play the hot or not game or whether you want to view the search results. Anything for that matter has been made extremely simple to go about with this feature.

With only one profile beaming at your screen, there are few chances that you will get confused as to whom you were really seeing.

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This is an extremely feasible feature. Zoosk is also a relaxed dating sight which does not really put any pressure and is an extremely low key, low pressure environment. You also have the ability to easily browse through the profiles. It is really convenient that way.Also there is no hurry to make an immediate connection with anyone unless and until you are playing the hot or not game on Carousel.

This site is gender equal. Not only is the participation number good and secure, women also have to do the same amount of work as men have to. You can be active or as passive as you like. No pressure! Unlike other dating apps where in everyone seems to be in a hurry, this app is more like what you sow you reap. The more time you spend with this app, the better matches you will get. It is totally up to you to make the best of this.

This serves the wider range of continuum. If you are assertive, you might want to take full advantage of the various promotional tools that have been provided. This will help you to reach a large number of users at a really short span of time. It is totally up to you to choose.

  • You can do this by boosting your profile.
  • you can also send in mega flirts. These mega flirts are basically messages which are individually sent in to multiple people. Or if you are passive, all you have to do is sit tight and let the site do all the workings and matching for you. It is that simple. Basically this dating site caters to all sorts of users.
    The site then hand picks compatible matches for you. This is done by using the Behavioral Match making engine. This matching algorithm improves with time. You can get improved results the more you use the site.
  • If there is any particular reason as to why you should never be using this application again, it would definitely be that people are simply getting ripped off. Once you give in your card details, the app simply keeps cutting the charges automatically without prior notice or permission which is a major bummer I feel. With these expenses, what is more is that they keep introducing various upgrades and stuff which might not be free and are conditional as well.
  • Another thing which bothers everyone beyond repair is that if you are a premium member, you can interact with non- subscribers as well. In hindsight, you begin to question as to why you became a premium subscriber in the first place. Since the facilities are pretty much the same and the charges are sky rocketing and they even tend to overcharge you at some instances, it does not make sense to opt for such a subscription.
  • There also have been reports of phoney users. While this is case with any dating site, the numbers are even more pronounced with Zoosk. So the predicament of a premium user might sound as follows - I pay a hefty amount for the subscriptions and the various upgrades, they charge my card without prior information, they let non-subscribers use the same facilities and at the end I am not even talking to a real person. So this is not a pretty site, I would say.


Is Zoosk Reputable


Zoosk tracks down your preference list and once you have clicked on a few people who you may like, Zoosk take s a step ahead and it can further tell you about the matches’ education levels, ethnicity, body type, religion and more.

Once you have clicked on a few people who you may like to date, Zoosk can tell you more about their education level, ethnicity, body type, religion and more. You can know the same information about the singles who have shown interest in you.

Zoosk requires you to fill an extensive list of questionnaire, details and preferences. This then makes the dating service provide you with a ton of data. All this data may not be useful but it is available which can help you decide who you would want to make a match with.

​Zoosk is mainly about how the different users will interact and browse profiles in different ways. The full profiles are presented in the search section. This includes the ability to browse all member photos in a pop-up. Navigating is done in a fairly easy manner. Another plus about this app is that it does not have any option of liking or passing rather all you really need to do is to pass from one profile to another.

If you have to show any interest in any profile you may add the member or send a wink or even send a gift. To show interest in any profile you may add the member, send a wink, send a gift (which costs points), or begin chatting by sending a message if that member is online.

​In the carousel option it becomes like a hot or not swiping game. However there is an additional option. You can simply choose a maybe option. This is one of the few features I really like about this dating site. You do not have to be particularly rude to any one that way.

There is also this new addition to the application. You can send in ‘crushes’ via this application. Now this may be similar to a Tinder feature, but hey! Who is complaining? Tinder super likes are almost similar to that of the crushes feature of this application.

Zoosk Reviews 2019 Best


Zoosk was named as the best dating app for the year of 2016 by Wallet Hub.

Talking about the Zoosk app, it is a fairly compact version of the full site and its features are the same as that of the Behavioral Matchmaking technology which helps you to find the people who you are most likely to date.

The app works on a binary code. It has a simplified yes or no design which lets you look at the potential matches. However, if you prefer browsing through a lot more number of profiles in a lesser given time, Tinder is a better option than Zoosk. Whatever suits you and is more like your thing.

What Zoosk will do is , it will offer a list of possibilities. Although even the advanced search which is available on the app of Zoosk does not offer a lot of search categories or choices or other options, it still manages to do a fairly decent job.

Although if you compare Zoosk to other dating sites like Match.com, you will feel that your browsing and searching are not that extensive as they are on Match.com
The main competitors of Zoosk would be Match.com, eHarmony.com and Chemistry.com. These four dating apps are the closest competitors.

Zoosk has been doing things right. This is evident by the awards it gets year after year. Zoosk is definitely hard to overlook for a couple of reasons. This dating site is non- intrusive and allows you to use it as you wish to. It has rather a more playful and communal feel to it. It has various fun features that make finding dates and online dating in general less stressful.

However, to come up with a very constructive Zoosk review we want you to participate by rating and sharing your thoughts in the comment section.