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admin 12/21/2021

A post in this thread about the band Blackball got me thinking about Christian artists who are theologically Reformed. It occurs to me that a huge number of Christian musicians attend Scotty Smith’s church outside Nashville and that is a Presbyterian Church, but it seems there is a vast difference between attending a Prebyterian Church and holding (and claiming) Reformed theology. So I am wondering, what are some of the Reformed artists out there?

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To head-off the criticism before it comes, I do not wish to say that these artists are better than non-Reformed ones. I just happen to love the Reformed faith and am wondering what musicians share it.

Here are a few I can think of off-hand (with a bit of information about each):

What Is A Reformed Christian

  • Derek Webb – Just check out the Resources section at his Web site
  • Caedmon’s Call (though perhaps Webb was the only Reformed member and he is no longer part of the band).
  • Precious Death – Their album covers often had Reformed creeds written in them. Their self-titled album had a list of “Fifteen great books in no particular order” that included titles by Packer, Sproul, Calvin, Owens, Hodge (both A.A. and Charles), Boetner, etc.
  • Blackball – Christopher Scott who was lead vocalist and songwriter for Blackball was also lead writer and singer for Precious Death (see above).
  • Steve Camp – Wrote an album based on Piper’s book Desiring God and has often identified himself as Reformed.

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Reformed Christian Beliefs

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That is all I can think of at the moment. Care to add any?

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