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With Plenty of Fish, even free visitors get excellent search capabilities as well as interactive messaging. With detailed personality assessments and versatile matchmaking options, this site allows people to find a long-term lover or simply a one-time hookup. When was Plenty of Fish Founded? Njoy plenty of fish because I'm able to be safe and have my choice in who I choose to chat with. Seems all the right people know where to go. Njoy plenty of fish because I'm able to be safe and at the same time have many more choices to find my mate the so called other dating sites. Size 4 - 12 we use more for catching livebait. If your hooks are good quality chemically sharpened, the slow and slight pressure will get the point to stick, and generally the fish will hook themselves trying to take your bait. If you are in an area that is snaggy, perhaps just tie a lighter leader with your new line.

Best Type of First Message to Send on Dating Sites

Plenty Of Fish gets a lot of bad press, especially from guys. One of the most common complaints on Plenty of Fish is 'I take the time to read a girls profile and send them a reallynice, well thought out, first email to them and I get no replies'. The answer is DON'T - create a long well thought out message, that is.

Although this web page applies to both men and women on Plenty Of Fish, these tips are more geared towards men as women have no problem getting guys to message them.


Humans are visual creatures. That means the first thing they are going to look at when you send them a message is your pictures. If they like your pictures they will read your profile description text.If nothing about that sets off any dating red flags they will proceed to reply to your email. The best first message to send a girl or a guy on Plenty Of Fish or any dating site is a simple 'Hello' or'How are you Doing?' or 'Any luck on this site?'.

I know this may be hard to believe but I know from my own personal experience and the experience of other POF memberswe have asked that this type of message is the best first message to send. Why? Its straightforward, direct, non-desperate and normal sounding.

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If someone on POF likes your profile and pictures then a long first message will serve as a turn off more than a turn on.Nobody wants to read a dating thesis. That is what your dating profile is for. A really long first message makes it look like you are too eager or have no friends.