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  1. Welcome to 'Go Jewish Dating', your Jewish matchmaker site for local Jewish singles near you. Sign up and start dating likeminded singles who share the same background, beliefs, culture and values as you do. Meet single Jewish men & women who are looking for the same thing.
  2. SeeYouInIsrael is a Jewish dating service that combines the personal touch of a matchmaker with unique matching technology. The service benefits Jewish singles of all ages, religious levels & locations to meet their match. 516-368-7271 email protected.
  3. Welcome to 'Go Jewish Dating', your Jewish matchmaker site for local Jewish singles near you. Sign up and start dating likeminded singles who share the same background, beliefs, culture and values as you do. Meet single Jewish men & women who are looking for the same thing.
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Modern Day Jewish Matchmaking That Actually Works

Traditionally, when one would hear that a yenta was around, they would tend to avoid them due to their gossiping nature. Now, we see the word used to describe a Jewish matchmaker of sorts and relish the Yenta’s arrival as we know that very soon, they will help us find a match and end our days of unsuccessful dating. That’s the role we here at Yenta have taken on; successfully matching today’s Jewish singles and ending those tiresome days of dating forever.

The JLosAngeles unique Jewish matchmaking process has helped thousands of Jewish singles of all ages & backgrounds to find their match. JLosAngeles brings people together with the help of a group of well positioned professionals at well known outreach organizations. Whether you are new to the Jewish dating process, a single parent, widowed. The SeeYouInIsrael dating process is created to make meeting your match as simple, quick and enjoyable as possible. SeeYouInIsrael uses the already successful JMatchMaking technology, through which thousands of Jewish singles from different ages, backgrounds & locations have found their match.

The Yenta Philosophy

Yenta is the leading Jewish matchmaking site devoted to helping our members find true love and companionship. Our site is easy to use and our services are free of charge for any of our members. We truly care about everyone we meet and it is our mission to match them with the person they were meant to spend the rest of their life with.

Scientifically Proven Results

Gone are the days of dating sites that only serve to take your money and leave you heartbroken. Yenta is the only Jewish matchmaker site that uses historic Shadchen algorithms to find the perfect match every time. If you are tired of searching for your soulmate, consult the Yenta today and find the person you were meant to be with.

From our helpful blog full of informational articles and advice, to our industry exclusive Get Matched form that takes just a moment to fill out and gives us all of the information we need to find your perfect match, the Yenta will be right there by your side helping you find true love.

About The Yenta

Shalom, my name is Dakotta (Mal’achi) and I’m a modern day Yenta (Jewish Matchmaker).

My spiritual practice is reform/conservative Judaism and I’m highly active in Jewish Education and Tikun Olam. I do not have a home base (that’s right, I live out of a suitcase and travel).

Since I am a digital nomad, my home base is my laptop and the nearest wifi spot. When I had a home base (many moons ago), I was part of the Young Adult Leadership Committee at Congregation Emanu-El & the membership committee at Congregation Sherith Israel. Additionally, I organized the Young Jewish Professional Network in SF, the LGBT Jewish Network in SF and globally, also organize a lot of cross-over event programming promotion for American Jewish World Services, The SF Jewish Federation and various other Jewish organizations and synagogues like Chabad SF. My passion is helping and connecting people.

Professionally, I work as a globalbranding and HR consultant which help companies create talent strategy maps. I have also published four books with great accolades, started a few start-ups and did a lot of fun projects, which has allowed me to travel to over 76 countries and eventually led me to creating a documentary (Jews Gone Wild…kidding).

Academically, I have a BS in Organizational Management, completed my Masters of Divinity with extensive coursework in Judaism and Islamic Studies. I started my studies at the Claremont Colleges then went to The Graduate Theological Union and UC Berkeley and finished my last year at the Gregoriana in Rome (The Vatican’s Seminary). My research the past 5 years has been on understanding how religion affects ethics in multinational organizations.

Back to the fun stuff…

Why would I be a good person to help you find a mate?
a) I’ve gone on a lot of dates (experience)
b) I’ve had a lot of failures (more experience)
Look at it this way; if I were to have specialized in ‘dating’ academically, I would be a tenured professor.

But really, I’m pretty good at matching people, however, compatibility comes out during your first meeting. Professional and academic experience has been to provide empathy and listen to what individuals need and help them achieve that result.

What’s next?

Well, if you’re interested in being part of my private database we need to meet in person. I do not match people I have not met in person (think about it, would you want to be setup with someone that your matchmaker has never met? How scary movies are made.

Anyway, the process takes less than 15 minutes and is a simple procedure of me taking your picture and asking you a few questions. Then you get stored in my EverNote software system and when I find a match I will email you and the person I feel you would be a match for, sharing your photos and how you answered the questions. After that, it’s up to you to make the next step on emailing each other and getting to know each other and see if there is a true fit and instigate further conversation or a meeting.


As you working with me, I would expect you to let me know when you’re ‘off the market’. I don’t work with swingers or people in open relationships or poly-relationships (there is nothing wrong with that, but it makes my matching way more difficult, but interesting… hmmm)

Also, if and when you do receive personal matches from me, I do expect you to respond to me if it’s not a fit so I can let the other person know or you can do it yourself since when I do a match, you will be on the same email.

I don’t expect every email match to be perfect, after all how many times have we not fallen for people have looked ‘good on paper’. As you probably know, dating is a numbers game in today’s age and having personal introductions always make it less awkward.

Want to meet-up? Please contact me.

End the dating cycle and start your journey to true love today; contact the Yenta and experience a better way to find your match!


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Are you looking for the top Jewish dating websites? You’ve come to the right place! When you are looking to meet a partner, who is like-minded and interested in a relationship, you might also want to meet someone from your same community.

However, not all dating sites are the same. You don’t want to get stuck in one that has singles who aren’t looking for something serious. You don’t want to be stuck in one with fake profiles. Instead, you need a reliable online dating site you can trust.

Finding the Best Jewish Online Dating Sites for You

We have curated a list just for you to help you get started dating again.

Through these popular online dating sites for Jewish singles, you can meet someone just right for you, someone who is also looking for a relationship. Here, we shall see some of the best online Jewish dating services and the features offered by them, and hopefully, by the end of this read, you might sign up on one of these.


Jewish Matchmaker New York City

JDate is one of the best online Jewish dating sites, and of all the Jewish marriages where the matches met online, 52% of the people met through JDate. With JDate, you can filter your matches into categories such as Conservative, Orthodox, culturally Jewish, and even a Willing to convert option. An extensive filter system is one of the great features offered by this site.

Although there is not much information about the number of active users on the site, since JDate is for relationship-minded people, and with their excellent matching service, you will find your perfect match.

Also called the “Promised Land of Love,” JDate is free to join, but you can obtain more features later by upgrading. JDate brings to you one of the best online Jewish dating services and comes with features such as Daily Matches, where you get your match based on your preferences, and All Access, a feature with which you can have a live chat with your matches (both paid and non-paid users can avail of this).


TheJMom is another one of the top Jewish dating websites and comes with a twist. Their motto goes like this – “Where Moms Do the Matchmaking.” Yes, you read that, right! With TheJMom, traditional matchmaking is taken up a notch and gives the reigns to your parents. Your parents can now find a like-minded individual and move the proposal forward to their parents. The service can be used to find relationship-minded individuals in your local region.

Instead of frantically searching for dating sites for Jewish singles, you can now turn over the job to your parents, and relax while your parents do the necessary. This also helps your parents find someone who will fit in well with your family, making family holidays a bliss!


SuperTova is one of the 100% free Jewish dating sites available, with no payment for using any features. The user-friendly interface of SuperTova, along with its operations on various levels (local, national, and global), lets you meet like-minded individuals from any part of the world.

The sign-up process is simple and can be done in a jiffy. This might also be the area that sets SuperTova back. A sign-up process that is too simple might indicate the presence of people who are not relationship minded as you and are just looking for something casual, which might not be what you’re looking for.


When looking for online Jewish dating services, JRetroMatch is a name that is definite to pop-up. They offer a traditional matchmaking service with a trace of modernity to it. You can create your profile, and you will promptly be assigned a matchmaker to find you your perfect match. JRetroMatch has brought together over 1300 like-minded individuals into the union of marriage.

Like a few other online dating services, JRetroMatch has paid features, such as a personal matchmaker. There are two membership plans, the basic membership, and the Gold membership. With the basic membership, you get one match every week, but you cannot accept it until you upgrade to the Gold membership.

The Gold membership has numerous features, such as your Jewish matchmaker who’ll help you meet your match by getting to know your preferences and characteristics through emails and phone calls. On receiving your match, you have the option to accept or decline them. Upon accepting, you can contact each other and possibly begin a journey towards a great relationship.


JewishSoulSearch is another one of the free Jewish dating sites available, where you can access all the features for free. The only problem while using this site is that since there is no verification for members, you might have to be a bit careful about your moves.

With JewishSoulSearch, you can meet like-minded locals or even people from many countries like Israel, the USA, Europe, and Canada.


Jewish Matchmaker Ca

SawYouAtSinai is one of the top Jewish dating websites that offer you personalized matchmaking services for each member. All users are verified and matched with like-minded individuals through a matchmaker. Their service is traditional with a modern twist, with two matchmakers being assigned to each member.

Jewish Matchmaker Sites

Your matchmaker brings you match based on your preferences, ad upon your approval, you shall receive their contact information to meet up with your match and try to work out a relationship. According to records, SawYouAtSinai has matched numerous like-minded individuals and has recorded 1,700 marriages of couples who met through their services.

Jewish Matchmaker Atlanta

These are some of the best Jewish dating sites out there and an excellent choice if you are a relationship-minded person looking for a local or even global match who will have the same interests as you and fit in well with your family, community, and cultures. All of these sites offer services on par with each other, some of them even taking the traditional services to a next-level modern matchmaking platform. Be sure to check these out and start your journey towards finding your perfect match!