Is Wooplus Legit

admin 12/22/2021

WooPlus is designed for plus-size individuals who are in search of date and socialization. This application claims that it is intended to generate an environment for bigger singles where you will not experience any fat-shaming. Some apps are not giving equal exposure to plus-size men and women, but WooPlus is different. The Wooplus matchmaking platform has proved to be a safe platform for big-sized individuals to find singles who are willing to start a long-lasting connection with them. Many of the platform members are after serious relationships, and so far, many users have met their life partners here. Is Wooplus legit? Wooplus is really a credible and reputable site that is utilized by people all over the world. While you might spot the odd fake profile, these are typically removed when they’ve been identified because of the team. Yes, WooPlus is a legit dating platform, as evident from the user reviews available online. Millions of users have successfully found an ideal partner using the app. The chances of women finding men on the portal are higher as the percentage of male users actively using the app is higher. WooPlus is a dating app that makes me scared to use dating apps. To preface, I have a hobby of reverse engineering APIs, especially in mobile apps. When I loaded WooPlus into my rooted emulator, an app marketed squarely at overweight prospective daters in the US market and an app that makes a fortune each month on in-app purchases, I wasn't.

Wooplus dating review

We took WooPlus for a test drive. If you are interested in meeting curvy women for casual or long-term dating, read our review and see if this app is right for you.

WooPlus Review Results
  • Popularity - 36
  • Value - 73
  • Features - 61
  • Quality of Members - 72
  • Safety - 78
  • Customer Satisfaction - 67

Final Word on WooPlus

We found WooPlus to have a platform that can genuinely be identified as friendly. Our female testers stated that they felt safe and confident in using the platform.

We were not wowed by the features offered by the app. That being said, there weren't any technical or performance issues that turned as off either. The most souring aspect of WooPlus was its tiny user base. It is easy to see how that can create a poor user experience for those members living in small population centers.

If WooPlus expands its membership base we feel that it could become a very powerful and useful app for meeting plus-size women.

In potential we rate it as GOOD — for the time being, we give it an overall rating of FAIR.

Is Wooplus Real

— Pros and Cons —


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Free to use
  • Safe and friendly community environment
  • Profiles verified for authenticity
  • Negative and insulting comments are removed


  • Small user base
  • 2 to 1 male to female ratio
  • Very standard features
Is Wooplus Legit

For those of you who are fond of dating plus-sized women, there is a mobile app known as WooPlus that promotes itself as having “the most comfortable plus-size dating community” online.


As you are aware, there are many dating sites and apps dedicated to this particular niche. One thing that stands out with WooPlus is the fact that they prefer to use the term “plus-size” as opposed to BBWs. While this might seem like a trivial point, it, in fact, sets the tone for what sets WooPlus apart from its competition. It takes a more dedicated approach — it does not trivialize the attraction for larger women. It does not make you feel like it is some sort of fetish site. It is more respectful of the women who join the site and the men that seek their company.

Yes, WooPlus is a dating site, but it is designed to emulate the feel of a social platform. Not only does this make it more conducive to active engagement among its members, but it also makes it more comfortable and welcoming for plus-size women to join the site.

Of course, no matter how good everything sounds in theory and how neat it looks from the outside, there is nothing like actually getting inside and seeing how things actually perform.

— What is WooPlus —

To be clear, WooPlus is a dating app for those who are seeking a relationship with a large woman. It is not geared for those who only wish to sexualize large women and have no intention to get to know them as a person. WooPlus establishes this clearly and enforces it through such security features as manually reviewing each new profile. They do this to ensure that it belongs to a real person before they can engage with others on the platform.

Some media reports have described WooPlus as the “Tinder for large people.” Based on our direct experience with the app we would beg to differ. WooPlus is distinctly different from Tinder in the fact that it vets new members to ensure that the platform consistently feels like a community. Also, while Tinder has a user base that numbers in the millions, WooPlus, even though it has been in operation since 2015, only has about 60,000 active users.

— Quality of Members —

Wooplus Dating Review

By our measurement, roughly one-third of WooPlus users are real women. The remaining two-thirds are men genuinely interested in large women. We did not encounter more than two or three profiles that we suspected of being false or that lacked seriousness in wanting to meet real partners.

This creates a very friendly environment. However, we could immediately detect how finding a match near you could be a problem if you didn’t live near a large population center. There simply aren’t enough members. If WooPlus continues to expand its user base, this will stop being a problem. In late 2017, however, it does create a blemish on the overall user experience.

— Availability —

WooPlus is a mobile-only app. The service does have a website, but its only purpose is to provide users with information about the app as well as to serve as a home for its dating and information blog.

WooPlus is available for iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. Both versions have a 4.5-star rating.

— Features —

It is important to mention the fact that it is the accepting and secure environment that WooPlus creates around its members that make it unique — not its features. Based solely on features, WooPlus is somewhat “plain vanilla.”

At its core, the app uses the well-known swipe-based discovery feature. You are presented with a suggested match. You can then swipe right to like the person or swipe left to move on. When both people mutually like each other a channel of communication is established. You then have 48 hours to initiate communication or the match connection is lost. The fact that a time limit is applied to starting an online chat helps to keep members engaged.

Wooplus login

There is also a commenting feature. This allows members to leave comments on the photos of other users. This is a more roundabout method of communication, but it is a welcome option to have. The site monitors these comments frequently to make sure that they remain positive. Negative or insulting comments are removed.

— Cost of WooPlus —

The features mentioned thus far are free to all users. Premium features, such as sending flirts, require payment in the form of virtual coins. Users can make in-app purchases of these virtual coins starting at $4.99 for 200 coins or $24.99 for 2,000 coins. We were split on the value of paying for coins. Yes, they do allow you a foothold to start a conversation with another member even though you haven’t been matched, but we found that online chats with matched users were more fruitful.

Wooplus Review

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