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MyDates – Find your flirt or chat partner! This website is using cookies. By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to the use of cookies for the purpose of creating traffic statistics and to offer services adapted to your interests, as well as the use of social media buttons of social platforms. review, check if is a scam or legit website, check if is safe, read comments and reviews from other users.

Is mydates a legit site reviews

Updated: 22.01.2021

Here is the list of dating websites and APPs that will drain your wallet and break your heart. Without a chance for a real date. Most of them using fake profiles and hire workers for chatting. Others require expensive membership and few users to match. Review Is It a Scam? There’s been quite a delay in my reviewing primarily because when I read the mdates terms and conditions, it seems legit, however actually using their APP or website is bit sketchy, being perfectly honest, in the members’ area has all the bells and whistles of scam, however I won’t call them a scam, based on my reviews I can’t. and Coomeet APP review - It is not an online dating app or site. It’s not a scam like myDates, but very deceptive. They advertise as Webcam chat with random real girls developed for dating and chatting with ladies all over the world in an online video chat. You can try it for free.In reality, chatting with girls costs around 5 USD for ten minutes (they use the algorithm to count price, so you are cannot be sure how much you pay). Many girls are paid for chatting live on camera with guys. If she convinces you to buy a premium account or get a gift, she receives the commission. Not all profiles are like this, and some girls may be real with a chance to exchange the social media contact for chatting outside the APP, but how many? I would not call this site and their practice legit. Not worth paying for this service and not trustworthy and safe enough to give them your credit card details.

myDates, iDates, mDates, - It’s all almost the same. Fake profiles are seducing us into buying credits. Women will pick us up even out profile is empty (no photo, no bio). Not real, not legit. – Same as above. The site is connected with - In the Terms and conditions, it's mentioned professional animators write the messages. So we spend cash and chat with fake profiles on moredates. – Advertises as dating with more than 10 million members (worldwide, not a single country). Suppose this number is correct or not doesn't matter. What matters is that you pay for a minute of communication here, and the cost is high. If you would like decently get to know the person you are chatting with, you need to spend around 100 USD for just a few conversations. More alarming is that the overwhelming majority of women and men don't want to exchange contacts and chat for free on other mediums and insist on talking on Dating com. If you like someone, why would you want to pay for every minute of conversation? This website is also associated with AnastasiaDate, AsianDate, AmoLatina, ArabianDate, RussianBrides, AfricanDate, and some other dating APP like XOXO local dating. – They claim to be the flirt and chat app for singles. Run by Cyprus company MP Mobile Performance Ltd. Their 'Terms' looks very similar to myDates, which mentions false women profiles: 'MP Mobile Performance uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users... Real meetings are not possible with these operators.' – Empty website with lots of negative reviews in the internet forums and reviews sites like Trustpilot – Dating site with bogus profiles, pictures stolen from ads, and misleading pricing. – Same as above. Advertise as the site for singles over 50, but in reality, most of the profiles there are not real.

EliteSingles - The site feels empty. Your preferences are not considered when recommending partners (even distance or age). It seems like they recommend whatever they have. The worst part is they recommend the matches without a premium membership, so even you wrote to someone, they cannot reply. Costly dating site delivering little value. They automatically renew your membership, so beware after you get billed a few months after your registration.

Lovefort – 100% fake, you will be approached by adorable models even you don’t post any photo. They cannot wait to talk to us, but let’s face it. Is this take place on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge,, or other more legit dating sites or APP? No! If you don’t post a picture, some lovely beauty will not write to us first. – Very costly for no real profiles and no dating possibilities – Fabricated profiles are luring us into buying credits. Attractive ladies will approach you even you will not put any photo of yourself—definitely a scam.

C-Date – Adult dating site scams people by fake profiles and makes it hard to stop automatic payments. Many people reported they got an email from debt collector agencies if c date hasn’t received enough money. and iCatched App on Google Play – Advertise as a dating APP to get to know people from your area, but it looks like just another my dates clone (or the other way). Bogus profiles proof: 'SLLIK uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system.' Many negative reviews on Trustpilot say that fake accounts keep trying to get you to reply and spend more money. Six hundred coins cost around 89.99 euros. Advertised in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Irland and UK. and Whatschat dating App on Google Play and APP store – A scam full of bots online 24h/7 girls will keep writing the same words and questions repeatedly. In Terms o use, it mentioned that there are 'professional animators' whom you cannot date behind artificial profiles. A lot of negative reviews on Google Play.

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List of fake adult dating sites where mostly fake profiles with models, nude photos are solely cute looking girls trying to convince you to buy a premium membership. Most of the time, images are stolen from social media like Facebook, Instagram, or porn sites, and behind the profile, a different person is writing to you than on the photo.

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How to use Tinder without getting caught on using it? Tinder creates the option to limit your risk and hide from unwanted exposure.

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Updated: 20.01.2021

Fake profiles or real dating opportunities?

Can you date a woman outside myDates or only buy coins to chat?

Can you get a girl's contact to chat outside MyDates site?Alarming info discovered in MyDates 'Terms of use'?Do 99+ messages from interested ladies sounds legit if my profile has no photos?If asking 'Are you fat?' in a first message will make her angry or happy?Are you chatting with real women that genuinely want to meet you or people who get money for convincing you into buying coins?

First impression after registration...

After creating a profile without any description and no photos, I’ve got so many seducing messages from girls that it looks like a scam. Those beauties don’t want to talk outside the app at all, they will never give you an email or phone number, and their usual answer will be “Let’s meet each other on MyDates site.”
If youever used online dating? You probably know how difficult it is to make womenanswer your first message. Here you can get 99+ messages within a few days, evenwithout a photo.

Fake profiles

How MyDates is working?

When you log in within minutes, you are bombarded with messages from girls. Even you haven’t posted any pictures of yourself. You can answer one girl for free, but you need to pay from 2-5 USD (depends on the country). The girls will be very friendly to you and want to chat with you a lot, but you have to spend a few dollars on every message you sent. After you ask a girl to meet in real life or talk on the phone or chat via email, WhatsApp or Messenger, they will always say that it’s better to chat here on Mydates chat.

So basically, there is no way someone can find a girlfriend here.

It looks like the bot sends first messages, and later real women are paid to keep the conversation as long as possible to take from us as much money as possible.

They confirm profiles are not real

Yes, in the Terms and Conditions they wrote, they hire people to chat with you, but they will not go for a date:

Boranu uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. This Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal. (11. Communication/e)

Placing something like this in Terms and Conditions instead of writing it directly in the chat window doesn't seem to be legit nor honest.

Pricing and coins

Depend on the country. You need to pay from2 USD to 6 USD per message. So if you exchange 10 messages with every 5 girls, you need to pay 100 USD to 300 USD just for chatting without any potential date possibility.

100 Free coins

After registration, you will get free coins that will be enough to send one or two messages. You can be sure that no matter what woman you will write to, she will reply to you.

If you are looking for how to get free coins on mydates, trust me, it isn't beneficial. My dates is a scam where you cannot find a girlfriend or sex. So any instruction for getting 'gratis' coins will probably be a fraud also.

MyDates APP reviews on Google Play

If you look at reviews on Google Play for their APP, you will see they have many 5 stars reviews. However, if you scroll through them, you will notice a lot of them repeat. So they didn't even bother to do fake unique reviews.

Among positive ones, you will find a lot of 1-star reviews suggesting it's a scam. So it's quite clear that you cannot trust them.

Look the screenshot from Google Play MyDates APP below and find what's wrong with...

Trustpilot reviews is quite good at spotting fake opinions; however, like any system, it can be cheated. Especially when nowadays you can pay a few cents for a fake review or use a VPN.

On Trustpilot, My Dates have a rating of 3. I’ve checked the review of on Trustpilot, and many of them don’t look legit:

Is Genuine

  • Most reviewers are not legit. If you look at other reviews they made you will notice they give 5 stars to the same pages: MyDates, IDates (, IFlirts (, Clickworx – those repeated the most. They also rate the same sites twice in many cases. So the people who wrote the reviews are not very trustworthy.

    It would be a too big coincidence that people who used MyDates and had such a good experience also used the other services like Clickworx.

  • Occasionally 1-star ratings summarize a scam or money-making machine where girls want to chat as long as possible without any contact outside the dating site.

  • The positive review is very general and very similar to each other doesn’t seem like the writers used the site.

Here you can see suspicious 5-stars on Trust pilot

This site is a total scam replied by computers/robotic systems, which is online 24/7. You will be presented with beautiful females, approaching you, though after spending (£1200) in my case. I have researched this company and females. It is run across Europe/U.K., could you imagine they reached the U.S.A.?

Karl Brown UK,

A typical product from Boranu Online B.V. Mainly fake profiles. You get bombarded with likes and messages until you pay, and then all of a sudden, everyone acts like you have COVID-19. I can only assume the 5-star reviews here are paid for as they all say the same thing. Do not waste your time or money.

Enrico Estevez Australia,

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the site to anyone. After registering (as a man), you get many requests from women, although you don't even have a profile picture in there. And that's just too unrealistic. You have to pay to answer. Please stay away from it.

John Müller Germany,

It is a purebred fake. Like all paying sites, you will have dozens of good-looking women who like you within no time. All of them are online at 02:00 in the morning, all are online at any time of the day, and they will never want to contact you through regular email or any other phone possibility. Women are not real; ask them to send you a photo holding one green and one red book. You will never see it. A scam, they should be prosecuted.


Want to login to mydates? Beware!

Still, unconvinced and want to sing into my dates to chat? Try this next time...

How to spot fake profiles on

  1. Sign up and do not add any photos. Keep your profile empty.

  2. Choose the random profile and send the question: 'Are you fat?'. For a new account, you get 100 free coins, so you can send 2 messages.

  3. Wait for the answer. If you get a vibe, the woman is happy about talking with you and ignores your question. It's quite clear she is not a real woman you can date but an automated bot.

  4. Now your turn - ask another hottie your ridiculous question and wait for her answer.

  5. You can also ask a specific question about your city that you cannot find on Google. She will most likely ignore it as she is writing from a different town you in.

  6. Sign out, sign in after a few days again and see if the number of messages to you increased.

Whatever you write, and no matter how hot the woman is, she will always be happy about chatting with you on my dates. Does it happen on a real online dating site?

After few weeks in your box, you will find 99+ messages even you have no picture. Is it possible on a dating website where real girls have profiles?

Before you log in again, consider if it's worth chatting with bots and paid workers luring you into spending money on coins without any real date. They scam people all over the world.

Popularity by country


According to Google Trends myDates is most popular in those countries in the presented order. They scam men all around the world.

1. Hungary
2. Estonia
3. Lithuania
4. Slovakia
5. Latvia
6. Slovenia
7. Bulgaria
8. Greece
9. Serbia
10. Czechia
11. Cyprus

12. Croatia
13. Finland
14. Romania
15. Portugal
16. Poland
17. Sweden
18. Israel
19. Denmark
20. Belgium
21. South Africa
22. Norway

23. Turkey
24. Nigeria
25. Germany
26. New Zealand
27. Chile
28. United Kingdom
29. Bosnia & Herzegovina
30. Spain
31. Switzerland
32. Argentina
33. Mexico

34. Austria
35. Australia
36. Canada
37. Italy
38. Singapore
39. Brazil
40. Ukraine
41. France
42. Netherlands
43. United States

Is Mydates A Real Dating Site

Avoid scams next time

Suppose you want to find a wife by internet, check Russian brides scam. It's especially must read if you are using Ukrainian or Russian dating sites like or to find a wife from Eastern Europe.

If you are using online dating to find sex, read how hookup sites scams work, and avoid them.

Similar sites to stay away from

My dates owners also run similar websites that look and work almost the same way. I had the impression that even a girl's copy and paste pickup lines and letters were the same.

  • iDates (
  • mDates (
  • iFlirts (

If you come across one of these, it's better not to sign up for another money and time lost.

Other online dating websites to avoid: EliteSingles, C Date and list of fake dating sites.

Emails from [email protected]

After signing up for My Dates, you will find in your mailbox emails remaining you girls are interested in you and want to chat. I've got 28 messages from interested chicks. There are fake of course as I didn't post any picture and write any bio.

New message from Nicole9584

You've just received a new message! Reply quickly!
Have fun! Your MyDates-team

I've got one also in Portuguese:

Acabou de receber uma mensagem! Responda imediatamente!
Divirta-se! A sua equipa MyDates

Contact - avoid any dating site or APP owned by this company!

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Is Mydates A Legit Site Website

Contact number: +31 (0)77 20 61 024 this is number to Boranu Online company ( the owner.

Is Mydates A Real Site


Is Mydates A Legit Site Online

If you check the reviews of on Google Play, Trustpilot, and other internet forums, you will see that most people who use this site say it’s a scam.

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