Educated Singles Over 50

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Dating over 50 has many advantages over dating at younger age. Older singles have the life experience to draw from that can streamline their approach to the dating scene; something younger people just don’t have.

There are myriad hiking and biking trails outside the city. And if you're looking for companionship (and more) there are several singles social groups for those 50 and over listed on (Meetup is an online service where groups can post in-person and virtual events for people with similar interests.) 6. Sun City, Arizona. 420 430 440 E t (MeV) Figure 1 Triton energy spectrum from 2°SPb(3He,t)2°SB1 obtained at E(3He) = 450 MeV and at 0 = 1 ° The dashed, dotted, solid and dash-dotted hnes represent fits ob- tained for GTR, IAR, spm-filp AL=I reso- nances (denoted. Dating over 50 doesn’t need to be complicated. With senior dating sites, you can meet local singles your age who may otherwise be too difficult to connect with in any other way.

Here are some things that give older daters an edge over those newer to the game, and some tips daters of all ages can benefit from:

1. They take care of their bodies and minds.
Dating at any age requires attraction. “Attraction is pretty broadly defined and includes looks and personality, and successful daters over 50 take care of themselves, physically and mentally,” says relationship expert, David Bennett.

2. They’re fun.
Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to become stale and boring, or only date to look for something serious. Quite the opposite! Many singles in their 50s say they’re enjoying life more now than in their 20s.

3. They’re smart.
Singles in their 50s have learned lessons about dating and relationships over the years, and know how to proceed and what to avoid. Rather than letting past setbacks and mistakes ruin them, they’ve learned from them, says Bennett.

4. They don’t abandon their friends.
“Older daters realize the importance of having friends and keeping them around, even when you’re in a relationship or dating,” says Bennett. Younger daters can often let friendships suffer because they’re focusing so much on one person. Almost everyone later regrets this, but it takes a more mature dater to know better.

5. They take it slow.
ingles in their 50s don’t rush to desperately find the one. Instead, they live life, meet a lot of people, and end up happier than if they hurriedly commit to someone who isn’t good for them.

6. They have deal-breakers.
Whether it’s a smoker/non-smoker, a person with young kids, or even the kind of relationship they want, singles in their 50s have a much better idea of what just won’t work for them.

7. They’re more likely to be honest.
You’re much more likely to see daters in their 50s say they never want marriage or that they’re bad with money and they know it. After you’ve dated for a bit, you realize you don’t need to play games or pretend to be someone your not.

8. They’ve broken their bad habits.
Usually by the time people are in their 50s, they’ve stopped making their signature dating mistakes. This type of mistake is different for everyone—maybe they were too focused on physical attraction, only wanted to be with someone dominant or submissive, or sought out people who were just like them. “Younger people still don’t get it yet,” says Susan Trombetti, a matchmaker and relationship expert. “They make the same dating mistake over and over. By the time you are 50 and over, you have broken your bad dating habits, and this is half the battle.”

9. They know what they like and are more in touch with their needs.
“Sure, you’re giving so you will do what your date likes to do, but in general, you know how to find someone that is more compatible that can be more of a companion rather than picking someone you like but have nothing in common with,” says Trombetti.

10. It’s easier to catch and release.
Daters in their 50s can attract someone, go on a few dates, and cut it off if the date isn’t a good match. “It prevents you from, once again, spending too much time with the wrong person, like you did earlier in life,” says Trombetti.

11. They’re more confident.
Young people might have youth on their side, but singles over 50 have confidence that comes with wisdom. It’s so much more alluring than that needy 20 something you used to be.

12. Time is actually on our side.
You’ve been married already and have kids, so there’s no rush to meet someone and get married in order o start a family. Been there and done that,” says Trombetti. Singles in their 50s are also less encumbered now that their children are older, so there’s more time to focus on themselves.

13. They aren’t afraid of getting hurt.
As we age, we come to understand that most upsets in life are survivable. “We’ve lived through discomfort, heartbreak, and downright devastation,” says Dr. Christine Carpenter, a psychologist and dating coach. “With a hefty reserve of resilience inside them, older daters are less fearful of getting hurt,”

14. They don’t settle.
Chances are daters over 50 have spent some time in their dating life hoping for the “almost good enough” relationship to turn into the “great” relationship they’ve always wanted… and have learned the hard way that that’s always a bad idea. “They know it doesn’t work this way,” says Carpenter. “They know what they want, they will ask for it, and if it isn’t forthcoming they will move on.”

15. They know how to communicate.
Daters over 50 don’t waste time playing guessing games. “If they’re curious about how someone is feeling or where something is headed they will be more likely to just check it out rather than trying to read the tea leaves,” says Carpenter.

16. They focus more on the person within.
Older daters know that the character of the people involved will determine whether a relationship will be a success, not their outward appearances, says Dr. Tina Tessina, aka ‘Dr. Romance’ and author of Dr. Romance’s Guide to Finding Love Today .

17. They’re not obsessed with finding love.
Singles in their 50s, who are working or have lots of other things going on, often regard their careers as primary, and relationships secondary. “They want companionship, but they don’t necessarily want their relationship to be all-consuming,” says Tessina.

18. They recognize that life is too short to worry about the little things.
“If the person you’re dating has a big nose or an annoying laugh, it just isn’t that big a deal, certainly not enough to throw away a good relationship over,” explains Raffi Bilek, a couples counselor. “Being a little older and more mature helps you realize that.”

19. They don’t get worked up over dates that didn’t work out.
So you met someone a few times and they didn’t like you that much? No worries, not everyone in the world has to like you. 50-something singles get this.

20. They know themselves well.
“Knowing yourself is a crucial part of knowing who you want to be in a relationship with. If you’ve spent your years wisely, then by the time you’re in your silver years you’ve hopefully got a better sense of who you really are than when you were 20,” says Bilek.

21. They know what makes a relationship last.
“It’s not the flowers and special outings, but rather the listening, the empathy, and the small moments that count,” says Bilek.

22. They don’t confuse infatuation with love.
Older daters understand those first few months or weeks where both people are acting on their best behavior is all part of the infatuation phase. “Younger and less experienced daters often believe they’ve found their soulmate at this point,” says Kevin Darné, author of My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany). “It takes time to truly get to know someone.”

23. They let go of fairytales and other unrealistic expectations.
Singles in their 50s have already had the big wedding and the divorce, or if they haven’t experienced it themselves they’ve seen it happen enough times to have a more realistic view of relationships. “They’ve traded in the dream of Prince Charming and the Princess living happily ever after under sunny blue skies and rainbows,” says Darné.

24. They communicate and ask for what they want.
“Younger daters more likely to stress out over dates and try to ‘figure out’ what the other person is thinking,” says Darné. “They may opt to drop hints rather than asking directly for what they want or worse yet they expect their partner to read their mind.”

Dating over 50 comes with a lot of benefits that only a few life lessons and experiences can bring. Overall, when you know yourself better you tend to know what you’re looking for too. So take a bit advice from those who’ve been there and done that.

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Dating doesn’t stop at 50, 60 or 70. Thanks to “senior” dating sites, you can toss yourself totally into the online dating scene — and meet local singles your age with ease.

But how do you start dating safely, considering the online dating sphere isn’t regulated? How do you differentiate the best 50+ dating sites from the fakes? Which sites cater to the seniors, even?

We’ve tackled these, and more, questions in this article. But first, let’s take a look at the best senior dating sites for older adults.

Top Senior Dating Sites, By Type

Educated Singles Over 65

  1. Best overall, largest user base – eHarmony
  2. Best dating site for 60+ singles – SilverSingles
  3. Best site for Christian dating over 50 – Christian Mingle
  4. Best casual dating site for seniors – Senior Friend Finder
  5. Best dating site for educated professionals – Elite Singles
  6. Best mature dating app for Jewish seniors – JDate
  7. Best over 50 dating website in the UK – OurTime
  8. Best senior hookup site for flings – Senior Sizzle
  9. Best Catholic dating site for senior citizens – Catholic Match
  10. Hand selected matchmaking service – It’s Just Lunch
  11. Best 100% free dating site – OkCupid

1. eHarmony – Best Dating Site for Seniors Overall

  • A large community of senior singles
  • A compatibility matching system
  • Meet other seniors locally
  • A high success rate
  • Contact other members freely

eHarmony boasts the largest community of senior singles online. Here, you can also communicate freely with other senior members in your search for a match.

And if you’re looking to meet a partner locally, eHarmony couldn’t be more helpful. They ensure your matches are near your location so you can meet up conveniently, should you choose to.

The matching process is compatible enough. Because it’s based on members’ personalities and preferences, you’re likely to bump into a compatible partner, which is a plus.

As if it’s not enough, the site features a ton of success stories: most of their senior members have found compatible matches and exchanged marriage vows, even.

2. SilverSingles – Exclusive dating site for those 50+

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Personality check during sign up
  • Free membership is available
  • Dedicated to senior singles
  • Daily matches are available

If you’re seeking a place specifically set aside for seniors, SilverSingles could fit the bill. They let you access up to seven matches a day so you can do your thing.

Like with eHarmony, you can join this easy-to-navigate platform for free. You’ll have to undertake a personality survey before joining to ensure you’re matched to compatible partners only.

SilverSingle couldn’t be safer thanks to their SSL Encryption system. They also have a fraud detection system to help weed out fake profiles.

And thanks to their mobile app, you can search for potential matches on the go — you don’t have to be carrying your PC everywhere.

3. Christian Mingle – Best Site for Christian Dating Site for Seniors

  • Strict verification system
  • A balanced gender proportion for seniors
  • Daily matches are available
  • Free membership
  • Users seek long-term dating

Christian singles in the house, raise your hands! Christian Mingle could help connect you to a potential life partner. The platform boasts a balanced gender ratio so there’s someone for everyone.

Most senior folks here are into serious connections, too, just in line with your Christian faith.

Christian Mingle lets you sign up for free, and they offer you daily matches. Their stern verification system ensures you don’t cross paths with bots, either.

And if you’re always on the go, don’t be afraid to sign up, too. Christian Mingle’s dating app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Download it or free and get the ball rolling.

4. Senior Friend Finder – Best Casual Dating Site for Seniors

  • Members seek different kinds of relationships
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fraud detection algorithms
  • Free membership with more features
  • Various contact modes

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a serious relationship or a short-term thing, this platform might be a good fit. They cater to seniors who’re into different kinds of relationships. And their fraud detection algorithms ensure that bots don’t find a seat on the site.

Unlike with other senior dating spots, you have access to most of the core features for free at this easy-to-navigate place. Whether you want to chat with potential matches, view their photos, and more, you don’t have to spend a penny.

Plus, the fact that Senior Friend Finder offers various contact modes, including visuals, is a bonus. You only have to pick whichever one you prefer.

5. JDate – Best Dating App for Jewish Seniors

  • Access singles’ events
  • Free membership
  • A near-equal gender distribution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Users seek long-term connections

One of the best spots with a dating app, JDate is the place for Jewish seniors looking for a serious relationship. And no, you don’t have to be Jewish to join. Simply head to the site and sign up.

Several users are into serious commitments, and the almost-proportional gender balance increases your chances of finding a match.

JDate organizes singles events, both online and online, which makes it easier to get acquainted with potential partners. It’s free to join the platform — and you can even browse potential matches’ profiles.

The user interface couldn’t be friendlier, considering your age!

6. Elite Singles – Best Dating Site for Professionals Over 40

  • Personality assessment for new members
  • Professional-level matchmaking
  • Free membership is available
  • Members are active
  • Verified, detailed profiles

Picky seniors with a college education (who’re seeking to date seniors), come on and grab a seat at Elite Singles. The platform’s professional-level matchmaking system is a plus: matches are based on a personality test, boosting compatibility.

The members here are active, too. Consequently, you’re likely to be contacted by potential matches when you’re least expecting it.

Each one of the profiles is not only verified but also detailed so you can benchmark possible partners before contacting them. And like with most platforms on this list, membership at Elite Singles is free, unless you opt to upgrade it.

7. OurTime – Best Senior Dating Site in the UK

  • Laid-back website ambiance
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Dedicated to seniors over 50
  • A large user base
  • View other members’ photos for free

Singles over 50, where are you? OurTime might be the place for you. The platform is dedicated to seniors your age and boasts a large user base — increasing your chances to find a match.

OurTime’s laid-back site ambiance is a plus, too, considering your age (you’re a senior citizen, right?).

And how about contacting possible dates face to face? OurTime boasts a video-chat feature, making for memorable communication. You can also view other user’s photos for free.

For those seniors who don’t mind browsing the website on the go, you’re covered with a mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

8. It’s Just Lunch – Best Site for Senior Matchmaking Service

  • Real-life matchmaking
  • Ideal for busy senior professionals
  • Complimentary phone interview
  • Dates are set at convenient hours
  • Members seek serious relationships

If you’re a busy single senior, you might want to look no further than It’s Just Lunch. They offer personalized matchmaking, from certified matchmakers, based on personality compatibility.


This is the only platform on our list that features a phone interview during registration. Meaning, you’re less likely to meet fakes here.

The vast majority of seniors at It’s Just Lunch seek meaningful relationships. Which is a plus considering older folks are looking to settle down. And dates are set over lunchtime mostly, just so they don’t compromise your working hours.

9. Senior Match

  • Caters to folks aged 45+
  • Good gender distribution
  • The interface is simple to use
  • Optimized for mobile browsing
  • Contact other members for free

And now look at this one! A place that’s been dedicated to mature singles for the last 18 years. Yet, Senior Match isn’t confined to dating. They let you seek travel buddies aged 45+ — and other types of companionship.

To prove they truly cater to the senior dating population, Senior Match won’t approve any new accounts for people younger than 45 years.

Senior Match is one of the places with a balanced gender ratio, making it likely to find a date. And while they currently don’t have a dating app, their site is optimized for mobile browsing, with all the desktop features included.

The platform has a simple-to-use port. Sign up for and contact potential matches for free.

10. Catholic Match – Best Catholic Dating Site for Senior Citizens

  • An equal gender distribution
  • The senior members are active
  • Complimentary membership months
  • Profiles are comprehensive
  • Free membership

To our Catholic seniors looking to give online dating a shot, this platform might not disappoint. The older members are active, and their equal gender ratio means there’s someone for you. Also, considering the senior folks here are into serious dating, it goes well with your Catholic faith.

Each one of the user profiles couldn’t be more comprehensive. Skim through these to get a thing or two about potential matches before contacting them.

Catholic Match lets you sign up for free, and you can browse possible partners’ profiles without spending a dime. Note, you’ll need to answer some faith-based questions on your profile.

Here’s the best part about this Jewish platform: they give you complimentary months should you fail to bump into a potential match during your first six months.

11. Match

  • A large user base
  • High member activity
  • Six free membership months
  • Detailed profiles
  • Free membership

A whopping 20 years in the matchmaking game is no joke! This probably explains why Match guarantees you’re going to meet someone on the platform. If, for any reason, you don’t, Match gives you six membership months for free.

This platform has high member activity, and the user base couldn’t be larger, boosting your chances of finding a match. The profiles are detailed enough, too, so you can get a quick picture of possible partners before going all in.

At Match, senior folks are into serious dating. Membership is free, and you can filter profiles based on handy parameters, including location and age range.

You’ll also find seniors meeting people they’ve knocked into in real life thanks to the platform’s Missed Opportunity feature.

12. OkCupid – Best Free Senior Dating Site

  • Personality compatibility matching system
  • A large user base
  • Members are active
  • Comprehensive profiles
  • Contact potential matches for free

It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior citizen, but you can dip your toes into a variety of relationships at OkCupid. The platform boasts a personality compatibility matching approach, helping weed out incompatible matches.

The large user base, which is also active, boosts your chances of running into possible dates. Member profiles are detailed, just so you know what you’re getting into before making the first move.

And, unlike most dating sites on our list, OkCupid lets you contact other members for free. Complimentary membership is available as well.

Senior Dating Sites: Your Questions Answered

Can Only Seniors Apply to Senior Dating Sites?

Well, it depends on which corner of the web you’re accessing. Some online dating sites allow only seniors to join. They don’t allow younger people at all. Senior Match is a good example.

Some platforms, meanwhile, are dedicated to both the senior and younger people. Sugar daddy dating sites (where you’ll find seniors dating younger people) are a good example.

And other websites have no age restrictions at all. Here, the seniors meet people aged 18+ — no specific age range is specified.

Why Should I Use a Senior Dating Site?

Black Singles Over 50

Firstly, these are the best dating sites for you: they are dedicated to senior dating, and you’re likely going to bump into folks with similar interests and experiences.

It couldn’t be easier finding potential dates in your age group as well, unlike on other sites, where you need to browse a good chunk of profiles for the same.

We’ve also found out that most dating sites for seniors offer a rigorous personality survey during sign up. Which helps separate the humans from the robots.

When it comes to the user interface, a considerable number of senior platforms have a laid-back port, making for hassle-free navigation.

What Are Some Pro Tips for Using Senior Dating Sites?

Here are a few of them:

Hop onto a Reliable Site

Considering there are countless fakes out there, you want to use a trusted online dating site only. The platforms we’ve recommended above might come in handy.

Have Practical Anticipations

Of course, you’re a senior citizen, and so might be your potential partner. So, expect it t reflect in their photos — grey hair, wrinkles, and all. That way, you’re unlikely to shun a possible life partner due to physical looks.

Know When to Bring Up Your Baggage

Educated Singles Only Review

Given your age, chances are you are divorced or have lost your spouse. Or, maybe, you’ve been into a bunch of relationships already. It’s not uncommon to have grown-up children, too.

Now, don’t bring up all this baggage during your first contact with a potential match. It could scare them away.

Are Dating Sites for Seniors Safe?

Educated Singles Over 50 Years

Nearly all leading senior dating sites are safe. But considering the online dating world isn’t regulated, it can provide ground for senior people meeting fakes here and there.

Here’s how to ensure you’re staying safe, even on one of the best dating sites.

  • Do your research before joining a platform
  • Sign up on websites that are an authority in the industry
  • Never dish your financial info to a stranger, even if you’re matches
  • When it comes to initial physical meetups, do it in a public spot
  • Confirm that potential websites process payments safely

The Takeaway on Senior Dating Sites

We hope that these top online dating sites make for a great opportunity to meet senior people and find love, even at your age!

Our Winner is eHarmony. Despite the site’s membership price, their satisfaction guarantee couldn’t be more reliable. Our first and second runner-ups are SilverSingles and SeniorFriendFinder, in that order. Both dating sites are dedicated to serving senior singles.

Now, don’t let the age factor be a hindrance, but go take the online dating world by storm!