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Looking for different dating sites?

A free location-based dating app that uses a format similar to Tinder. Often known as the feminist dating app, Bumble is one of today’s most popular online dating platforms. Created by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, Bumble is worth over $1 billion and constantly rolling out new updates to keep up with their customer’s needs. Omegle alternative — video chat for dating girls On March 25, 2009, Omegle video chat changed the world of Internet communication forever. It was the first web service in history that let you meet and talk with completely random strangers via video call. Only a single month after launch, Omegle was already receiving 150,000 visits a day. People who are serious about finding a significant other right now may want to some of the other best dating apps, but XO seems like a fun, casual way to make new friends — and maybe that. The USP: Originally called 3nder, Feeld is sex-positive dating app for polyamorous couples who want to explore bringing a third into their bedroom, but it’s also a place where people can explore. Dirty deeds and ageism right there by taking advantage of thirsty individuals over 30, who really want to get ass from an app too. Tinder is awesome, but free is even more awesomer. If you are strapped for cash or just looking for a new dating app, we have 15 alternatives to Tinder.

Have you ever wondered what little people dating is and whether there was a place for you to give it a try? Perhaps you want to date someone with dwarfism and just aren’t sure where to go to do it? No matter the reason, there is an active online dating market for meeting other little people.

Dating Apps For Alternative People

However, even if you are aware of online dating for people with dwarfism or to meet someone with dwarfism, not all sites are created equal. Whether the service is inadequate or there are security concerns, many dating sites fail to offer something reliable.

This is where Datingroo comes in. Not only have we taken the time to test, analyze, and write reviews for little people dating sites to help you find the best, we also provide insightful articles and information to help you on your journey meeting someone you can enjoy being with.

Read on to learn about some important distinctions in dwarf dating, what you can expect when you begin little people dating online and in person, what some of the benefits are for using a professional dating service to meet small singles, and what to look for in a dating site for little people.


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What is little people dating / dwarf dating / midget dating?


To begin with, the term ‘midget’ is generally looked down upon as a pejorative term to refer to people who have conditions that impact their height. While for some it is a neutral way to refer to little people, others may think phrases like ‘midget’ are a form of height discrimination.

More appropriate expressions of midget dating are something like ‘dwarf dating’ or, better yet, ‘little people dating’. This is an important distinction to make and should be on your mind if you are particularly new to dating little people.

Midget dating is essentially a service that caters to people with dwarfism who want to date either other little people or people who have average height. These sites and services are also for their admirers who want to date them, giving a platform for both communities to mingle and meet.

These services can be for either serious dating, which means finding a romantic partner who wants to build a life-long relationship with you. There are also sites for more casual encounters where you can hookup with other little people. All sites also cater to dating for lesbian and gay dwarfs as well.

What can you expect when you begin Dwarf dating? Common concerns when dating little people

Dating someone with dwarfism or some form of extreme shortness caused by something like achondroplasia can introduce you to a world of new experiences, including confronting issues that might be on their mind about dating.

Here are some of the more common concerns that people with dwarfism have about dating, as well as concerns that people with average heights have about it as well. On top of that, we will include some of the perks and benefits to little people dating:

  • Self-confidence and intimacy – many people with dwarfism experience a form of self-doubt about their own attractiveness and this can lead to a fear of intimacy and the mistaken belief that they are undesirable. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many men and women are attracted to people both despite their height, and sometimes because of it.
  • Self-conscious about dating – similar to feelings of lacking self-confidence, many people who date within dwarf communities can feel as if they are subject to judgement from other little people or people who are average height when the partner is average height. However, many people are openminded and welcome these kinds of pairings.
  • Concerns about pregnancy – this can be a major concern for people who maybe both have the condition achondroplasia, wherein there is the risk of babies having something known as double achondroplasia. This means that they get the trait from both parents and it sadly is fatal. Many couples who do have this condition turn to adoption.

However, there are some benefits to little people dating for those who are interested in enjoying it:

  • Commitment and bonding – when you finally do meet someone who sees you for who you are and can open up to you about their own concerns and history, you will have found a partner that connects with you in ways no one else can.
  • Honesty – little people who put themselves out there for dating are more receptive to who you are as a person because of your own willingness to be open with them. This leads to a strong foundation of honesty and can make a relationship healthy for a lifelong romance.

What are the benefits of using professional short people dating services?

If you are interested in dating other small singles or are average height yourself and would like to date someone with dwarfism, then you may have noticed that it can be hard to find a place meet. This is where online dating for little people comes in, and why it is important to use a professional service.

A professional dating site for short people can ensure that your matches not only fit your criteria for dating, whether it is meeting someone with dwarfism or someone with average height, but they can do so safely and amidst an online community that is vibrant and open.

Avoid having to go out looking for that slim chance of meeting someone who really connects with you and is the height you find attractive. These sites ensure a committed matchmaking process that will help you find locals who are a good fit for you and your needs.

What to look for when searching for sites to meet singles with dwarfism?

Dating petite singles is much like dating anywhere else online, but there are some notable exceptions that factor into key features you will find on top-tier “midget” dating sites. These features should be common on any dating service you use, so if you don’t see it, reconsider whether you use it!

First and foremost, look to see whether the little people dating service has an advanced feature for filtering your matches based on height and, if possible, one’s condition that is tied to their dwarfism. This is important for a few reasons.

First, if you are a little person yourself you will get control over whether you match with people your size or whether you date an average sized person. Secondly, if you have a particular condition, such as achondroplasia, it can be risky to have children with someone who also has this condition.

Another thing you want to keep an eye out for is whether these dating services offer any guidance or help desk on what you can do as a little person to build confidence in yourself for dating, and what you can do on a date. This can include scenarios where something doesn’t go right, or a good FAQ.

Finally, see if they offer an online forum or chat service that facilitates community building between other people who are either little themselves or have an interest in being with someone who has dwarfism. A place where people can get together and make plans for meetups is important for a healthy service.

Have a look at our reviews for these dating platforms

In the beginning of February, we warned you that Tinder was about to monetize their their app AKA charge for swipes. Tinder’s premium service launched on Monday and there was a new stinky wrinkle; a bit of age discrimination towards horny users aged 30+. Users between 18 and 29-years-old will have to pay $9.99 for unlimited swipes, but anyone over the age of 30-years-old pays $19.99. Dirty deeds and ageism right there by taking advantage of thirsty individuals over 30, who really want to get ass from an app too.

Tinder is awesome, but free is even more awesomer. If you are strapped for cash or just looking for a new dating app, we have 15 alternatives to Tinder.


There are so many location-based dating apps, but Happn is really, really location-based. It matches you up with potential people that you’ve been recently near (Approximately one city block). You’ll be able to see the number of times you’ve crossed paths with someone, as well as the time and place of your last encounter. Actually, it sounds kinda stalkerish.

Available for iOS and Android.

This app does not want any daters with failing grades. The Grade will reward users who are very dateable, have a quality profile, response rate and tone of messages. However those who fail to meet quality standards receive failing grades. An algorithm assigns a letter grade to users which range from “A+” to “F.” Do you think your profile would make the grade?

Available for iOS.

Hinge suggests matches of your Facebook friends, friends of your friends or third-degree friends. You’ll receive a whole list of potential suitors every day, then you can swipe right or left. For better or worse, Hinge markets itself as the “anti-Tinder.” The downside is having a much smaller dating pool, and people who may actually know what a piece of shit you really are. It’s currently only available in 34 cities.

Available for iOS and Android.

Revealr utilizes not only words and photos to help you get acquainted with someone, but also audio. The user’s photos are pixelated, so matches are not solely based on looks. Every user records a 20-second audio clip and if you like what you hear you can match up.

Dating Apps For Alternative People

Available on iOS.

While men are usually the aggressive party in most dating apps, that is not the case at Bumble. The app is said to be “run by girls,” and men can’t send the first message to women. Act fast because the chance to connect disappears after 24 hours.

The app also gives more information than most dating apps. You can share such intimate details as occupation and education history. It looks much like Tinder because Bumble was founded by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe.

Available on iOS.

For those who are a little more picky who they want to date, The League is for you. It connects to your Facebook and LinkedIn to determine if you are qualified to be on the dating app. You are then placed on a waitlist to determine if you are boushie enough before being accepted into the app.

If and when you are deemed worthy of being on the exclusive app you’ll get five matches a day. Currently The League is only available in San Francisco, but it is expected to be in New York City, Atlanta, Seattle and Denver soon.

Available on iOS.

Pure claims that it is “The Uber for dates.” I don’t really know what that even means. Does some creepy guy pick you up in a beat up 2001 Mitsubishi Gallant when you can’t drive home because you had too many Strongbow Ciders?

It’s very similar in Tinder in seeking people to hookup. However requests and photos are only available to those with matching search criteria. When you download the app you’re given five free tickets. Each one is good for one hour of your profile being visible by potential partners. However this is some Candy Crush bullshit where you’ll need to purchase more tickets to extend your presence on the app. Only your first five hook up attempts are free. But regardless of the success of the posting, you will have to spend a ticket each time.

Available on iOS and coming soon to Android.

Loveflutter is what would happen if Tinder and Twitter fucked and had a dating app baby. The app blurs people’s profile photo and you only have a 140-character description of them to base your interest. This seems perfect for the “But he/she has a great personality” crowd.

Available on iOS.

Love Milky Chance, The Weeknd or Black Keys and only want to meet a chill chick that has the same taste in music as you? does just that. With Spotify and iTunes integration, you can seek out those with similar preference in music, including bands and genre.
Available on iOS.

The Down app was previously the ever romantic “Bang With Friends” app. The site encourages users to “Skip the chatting, and get to smacking those cheeks.” It utilizes Facebook to help you get the nerve to approach that super hot chick on Facebook that you’ve been to terrified to approach.

Available on iOS and Android.

Looking to meet someone who loves posting photos of their coq au vin dinner and excursions to Bermuda? Glimpse may be for you. The app connects to a user’s Instagram account. Use your love for photography to meet that cool, new chick.

Available on iOS.

Skout is much like Tinder, and much like Tinder they have a free version and a premium version. Your location isn’t revealed unless you choose to do so. It does have very good reviews on iTunes and the Google Play store. The downside is that there are annoying ads and only upgrading to Skout+ will get rid of them.

Available on iOS and Android.

Make your bubeleh proud and stop kvetching that you can’t find a nice Jewish girl. Be a real mensch and join JSwipe and hope you don’t get stuck with a meschugena.

Available on iOS and Android.

Coffee Meets Bagel just sounds like a nice, quaint place to meet a lovely girl. It connects to your Facebook and presents you with one match each day at noon. If you both like each other you can then chitchat for a week on the app, after that the line of communication is cut… unless you pay to upgrade your perks.

Available on iOS and Android.

Do you have a beard or are you a gal that appreciates a man with a beard? Welcome to Bristlr, a dating app that claims, “Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards.” Sorry clean-shaven bros, you need not apply.

Dating Apps For Alternative People 2020

Available on iOS and Android.