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It can sometimes be difficult for Christians to find someone who shares their beliefs and values with a mainstream dating app or a site such as Tinder. Sometimes, you feel like finding an exclusive site or a platform that lets you filter a potential match by religion to see a fellow Christian single.

Best Dating Apps LTD is a new company dedicated to creating niche social apps to help people meet and socialize in a new interesting way. We’d like to be regarded as the landing place for building a social connection - wherever you are or trying to meet local people from, we’ll be there to be your best platform. With a whole decade of being the number one gay dating app under its belt, Grindr is likely the first gay dating app that a lot of men download. But if you're looking for a relationship, it's.

Best Niche Dating Apps Reviews

In this article, we’ll look at the top ten Christian dating sites with plenty of members so you can focus on finding the ideal match for you.

Does a Christian Dating App or Site Really Exist?

There are absolutely Christian dating sites or platforms out there. You’d be surprised by the number of Christians who have come together through these websites. You don’t need to stick with the popular websites everyone else is using, you might have more luck with an independent, niche website.

For example, there are many sites for dating made by Christians and for Christians. Here are ten of the best sites for Christians to date and find love.

Top 10 Best Christian Dating Apps & Sites:

1. eHarmony - Best Overall Algorithm to Match People

2. ChristianCafe - Best Exclusive Christian Site

3. BigChurch - Best Site To Find Love

4. SilverSingles - Best For People Over 50

5. EliteSingles - Best Dating Site For Busy Professionals

6. ChristianMingle - Best Christian Dating Site

7. BlackPeopleMeet - Best For Black People

8. - Best Dating Site With Female To Male Ratio

9. OurTime - Best Site With a Large User Base

10. CatholicMatch - Best Catholic Dating site

#1. eHarmony - Best Overall & Editor’s Choice


Are you looking for someone who is committed to you and your relationship? If so, then eHarmony could be just what you need. The dating platform was founded by a Christian psychologist who put the work into finding Christian women and men and matching them online.

This likely explains why the website, which is also a general dating website, has such a populous Christian singles section. This section is where you’ll find plenty of potential partners and a wealth of online dating tips to make the process smoother. You’ll be matched with other users based on your personality compatibility. This compatibility check not only increases your chances of finding the right match but also eliminates any undesirables you would have no interest in meeting anyway.

The website was founded on the principle of creating more happy and healthy marriages in the United States. Rather than ask people what they want, eHarmony instead asks members to describe who they are. Then, it uses the information to calculate a detailed compatibility rating. eHarmony operates a trademark relationship questionnaire to get you incredible results. The questionnaire takes some time to fill in, but it’s worth your time.

The members of eHarmony are all about finding potential marriage partners and are true to their Christian values. Of course, it helps that you can also message potential matches for free. One small downside is that it’s challenging to run searches on the site. You’ll need to put your faith in eHarmony to match you with the right person.

#2. ChristianCafe - Best For Christian Interracial Dating


Christian Café connects Christian singles with members from different nationalities to remove any barriers between love. The user base of the website is super active. You could find yourself face to face with a potential match at any given moment with such an active website.

That there are millions of members to choose from – with a roughly 50/50 divide between men & women – is a real positive for this website. Christian café also has plenty of other freebies thrown in, including the option to filter matches and online forums where you can interact with other members. So you might make some new friends as well as find love here.

Christian Café was founded in 1998 and launched in 1999. It was co-founded by Sam Moorcroft, who was starting to feel like the only single person in his church. He wanted to create a space where Christians can come together and meet like-minded people. He says the website name comes from his desire to create a safe and casual meeting place for socially conservative people. aims to correct a dysfunctional relationship culture. It brings together two people who share a common religious faith and are interested in establishing a long-term commitment with one another. Users in the United States can find single people near to them, with nearly 80% of users originating from North America. The other 20% of users come from Anglo countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Best Niche Dating Apps

Most people on the website are conservative Protestants, although the website does have a fair share of conservative Catholics too. The members are people who practice Christianity as part of their daily life. Sam differentiates between “cultural Christians” from non-denominational, evangelical, and born-again Christians who come to the website. But, of course, anyone who wishes to join is more than welcome to. The website doesn’t discriminate against any group.

If you’re interested in trying out Christian Café, you can try a free ten-day trial on Android, iOS, and desktop. The website has over 3,000 testimonials from satisfied members who met a great match. The website has succeeded where so many other sites of dating for Christian fail because it focuses on giving people what they want and need: A place where they can meet other people who are passionate about love and religion as they are with no distracting bells and whistles.

#3. BigChurch - Best Site To Find Love


BigChurch is an online dating site for Christians, but it’s much more than that. It’s also a place where people can come together and meet over their shared interests. As well as dating, BigChurch members can look for pen pals or bible partners through the service. With plenty of great activities such as blogs, bulletin boards, groups, a magazine, and a dedicated advice line, there’s something for everyone in this big church. Members can also have their identity verified by the website, which is a great way to vet potentially fake profiles. Interact with verified members to have more faith you are talking to who you think you are.

BigChurch has a simple but effective user-friendly website. No one should have trouble using the website, even people who have never used sites for dating in the past. Everything starts with signing up for an account, which takes a few questions and following a step-by-step process.

New users are asked for a photo, their name, their gender, their preferred gender of partner, and an age range for a potential partner if applicable. You also choose how religious you want your partner to be as well. There are other basic questions, such as your education, race, occupation, height, and weight. There’s also the option to fill in a bio where you can talk about yourself as much as you want. You can edit the bio whenever you want, so don’t worry about making a mistake.

Best Niche Websites

Once you have the profile all set up, you can file a questionnaire and fill in a preferences survey. These extra steps are optional, but they do help match you with compatible potential partners. The more information you give the website about yourself and what you want, the better it can find someone to match.


One great feature we love about this site is the potential for video introductions. It’s surprising that more dating services don’t have this option. You can upload a video or film one through the website introducing yourself. You can watch another person’s video introduction to learn more about them and get a better idea of how you feel about them.

Searching for other members is one of the critical elements of a dating website. BigChurch keeps the process simple with a menu packed full of options, including the option to search for members near you, search online members, search popular members, and look through your latest matches.

#4. SilverSingles - Best For Christians Over 50


Silver Singles is a dating service dedicated to helping older people find love with people who share their faith. The members of Silver Singles are aged 50 or over and are committed to finding a severe connection as their religion dictates. The platform has a personality compatibility matching system. This system increases your chances of finding a more appropriate match for you, giving you greater odds of finding a great partner.

Best Niche Dating Apps

Silver Singles understands that older people are more prone to falling victim to scams and other such malicious deeds. The website has fraud detection systems in place, including SSL encryption, to protect members against these problems. You can create an account with nothing but an email address and some basic information and get free access to your daily matches.

As one of the premier senior dating sites, Silver Singles is an excellent resource for older Christians to find love. The website is simple enough to understand and gets you excited to look for matches and send messages to fellow Christians. Free members have full access to the website, but they don’t get to see all the messages and photos from other members without a paid account.

What sets Silver Singles apart from the competition is that the moderators on the website vet the community to ensure that all members are genuinely over the age of 50. As a result, this exclusive senior dating service doesn’t allow for age-gap dating, cougar dating, or sugar dating. Instead, it only connects aspiring older single people with each other to find romance and love.

Safety is a top priority with Silver Singles. Christians over 50 years old can rely on the fraud detection systems to protect them as they look for long-term love with the help of the Silver Singles team and the matchmaking features of this impressive dating service.

#5. EliteSingles - Best Christian Dating Site For Busy Professionals


Elite Singles offers a loving support system for those Christian singles looking for love and a soul mate. The dating service has a quality-driven matchmaking system that brings men and women together with someone who matches them on a spiritual and intellectual level. Creating an account on Elite Singles is quick, easy, and free. You’ll soon be talking to other well-educated relationship-minded people near you to find a match.

Elite Singles has always taken the approach of pushing online dating to new heights by connecting high-caliber singles with one another. The average member of Elite Singles is anything but average – boasting an impressive education, successful life, and a family-oriented mindset. Over 80% of the people on this service are educated to college level or higher.

The service boasts over 13 million members and continues to welcome more each day. The site adds roughly 381,000 new members and creates over 2,500 new relationships per month. So it’s easy to see how the website became the dating solution that it did, connecting singles in over 25 countries.

If you are a single Christian looking for a marriage-focused connection with someone else, then you should check out Elite Singles. The Christian singles on this service are all educated and looking for a committed relationship with a potential partner. That should sound familiar because it sounds like what you’re looking for. Members at Elite Singles tend to be very active, so you’ll likely run into a match when you aren’t expecting it. There’s no telling when an elite single might contact you.

Members are verified to reduce spam and fraud on the platform. The user profiles are nice and detailed and offer you a great picture of who you are talking to. When you add in the proportional gender balance, you have a website that could very well connect you to your life-long partner with a bit of time and faith on your part.

Best Niche Dating Apps

#6. ChristianMingle - Best Christian Dating Site


Christian Mingle is the best Christian-only dating site in the world. Christian Mingle is the most recognizable name on Christian dating sites. The faithful community here has over three million Christian men and women from around the world. It gives these people inspirational blog posts and a powerful communication tool to comfort and motivate them as they look for long-lasting love built on a shared faith in Christ.

If you are looking to find, date, and marry another Christian, then this website was made for you. It is a niche dating service that focuses on building long-term relationships built on a shared faith. You don’t need to be a Christian to join the website, but you do have to be at least open to the idea of dating and potentially marrying a Christian.

It was launched in 2001 and has experienced many success stories since then. One of the main appeals of Christian Mingle is that the website has the highest concentration of Christian singles on the internet. It also has in-depth profiles that get to the heart of who a person is and what their faith means to them to connect people better. It encourages all members to describe their church-going habits, talk about Christian music, and discuss their faith in an open, friendly, and non-judgmental environment where everyone is welcome.

It’s never been easier to find and date other Christians, thanks to Christian Mingle. The platform is fully dedicated to connecting believers. You’ll receive compatible matches based on your personality, giving you better odds of finding a partner that suits you. As well as getting plenty of monthly traffic, the website boasts a substantial user base. You couldn’t ask for a better “hunting ground,” so to speak. The balance between male and female members means that there’s someone for everyone here.

#7. BlackPeopleMeet - Best For Black People


BlackPeopleMeet is a website that aims to connect black and biracial singles to one another as soon as possible. Black Christian singles can make the most of the matching and searching tools to find someone just right for them. You can search through profiles by specific keywords, such as “Christian” or “Catholic,” to find a fellow believer looking for love.

The Pew Research Center suggests that 83% of black Americans are firm believers in God. Furthermore, 75% said that their religion is essential to them and a crucial part of their lives. If you consider yourself part of that crowd, then you should consider using BlackPeopleMeet to find good friends and better lovers.

As you can likely tell from the name, BlackPeopleMeet aims to connect black and biracial singles. You don’t need to have a particular skin color to join the website. Anyone who is interested in dating a black person can join the site and look for love—all for free.

BlackPeopleMeet opened its virtual doors in 2002 and has gone on to become a leader in black dating with tens of thousands of members across North America. The website only continues to grow and help others find love. In an era where the Christian African-American community isn’t represented in regular dating websites and applications, BlackPeopleMeet is here to bridge the gap and help connect people through metrics including religion.

Your potential matches are almost limitless, given the sheer size of the user base. The site sees millions of visits per month, too, meaning that there’s always someone new signing on. That person could be just who you are looking for. Another great thing about BlackPeopleMeet is that the website has a near-identical gender balance, meaning there is someone for everyone here.

#8. - Best Dating Site With Female To Male Ratio

Overview is a premier dating site where Christian men and women can find partners in life and in faith. has stood the test of time to create countless beautiful relationships since its first launching in 1995. The website uses an algorithm that measures your lifestyle and dating preferences to find a perfect match for you.

The match is the granddaddy of dating sites, being the dating website that started it all. was among the first websites dedicated to connecting singles looking for love. The website remains one of the greatest and most successful dating platforms in terms of how many long-term relationships and marriages began life on the platform.

Singles are sure to find a welcoming atmosphere on the website. The website gives the faithful daters out there a chance to state their religion on their profile. If you want to find a Christian date for yourself, you can use the filters to search for particular faiths, including different denominations, including Catholic, Protestant, and Latter-Day Saint. You can also edit the “What I’m Looking For” section to specify a partner having Christian views as being a “Must Have2' so that you get recommendations that meet your standard.

If you’re a single Christian looking for a website with a reliable near-perfect gender balance, then could be the site for you. The website has an excellent gender ratio, meaning that there is someone for everyone on the platform. There’s also a wealth of member activity happening all the time, meaning you’ll get matches almost non-stop. It is not a free Christian dating site but If you don’t find a match within three months, will give you a further six months for free to give you the best chance.

#9. OurTime - Best Site With a Large User Base


Our Time is one of the more Christian-friendly dating websites where Christian singles find, match with, and meet other singles within a matter of clicks. The website steers more towards an older crowd with more seniors. The website brings potential matches together based on their mutual interest more than anything else. If you are hoping to find a Christian partner or even just a new friend, our Time is a great place to start your journey.

Our Time is one of the top-rated senior dating websites on the internet. The high Christian membership also makes it an excellent option for older Christians looking for love. The dating website is most appealing for values-driven singles that have been in and out of long-term relationships in the past and understands the value of and importance of having love in their lives.

By registering an account on the platform, you’re giving yourself another chance at finding true love. The easy-to-understand and straightforward platform searching features lead you towards a friendly companion. In addition, the messaging forum invites members to speak freely about anything they want, creating fun and exciting conversations between members.

If you’re a Christian aged 50 or above and are looking to enter the dating scene again, then Our Time could be the best choice for you. While the website doesn’t serve Christians exclusively like other websites, it does give you the option to search and filter your matches by a range of parameters, including religion. So you can tell the service you’re a Christian looking for Christians, and it will accommodate you as best as it can.

Given that the platform has such a large user base with millions of visitors per month and hundreds of thousands of members, you’ll have plenty of potential matches to choose from. This gives you the best odds of finding a partner to match you and spark a deep romance.

One thing we enjoy is the video chat feature. This feature lets you have a video conversation with someone directly through the website so you can see and talk to the other person without giving away your personal information. The detailed user profiles mean that you’ll get a quick overlook of a potential date before committing to anything as well.

#10. CatholicMatch - Best Catholic Dating Site


Catholic Match is one of the best dating sites for Catholics. You never know if your life partner is hiding somewhere among the many users here. They might very well be. The members of this website are super active, and Catholic Match makes it easy for someone to make the first move. Don’t worry if you’re a little nervous about it, as your match can take that first step for you.

The website also has a proportional gender ratio, meaning there are just as many women as there are men. This means that you won’t be fighting off too many potential rivals for dates. Another added benefit is how much detail the user profiles go into. Those profiles are important because they give you an idea of who someone is before breaking the ice with them.

Like, Catholic Match is so determined to help you find love that you’ll get free membership months if you fail to find a partner.

How to Choose a Site to Date a Christian Person?

Now that you’ve had a rundown of some of the best Christian dating applications & sites around let’s look at how to pick from the options. There are lots of choices to consider, after all. So here are some tips to help you choose the perfect platform to find a partner:

1. Read feedback about the website from real users. You can expect to get a similar experience to everyone else. Online reviews are your best friend for this.

2. While some dating services have membership fees, double-check that all financial transactions are processed securely. You don’t want to compromise your financial information just to find love.

3. Choose a website that verifies user accounts to reduce the risk of scams and spam.

4. Decide if you want to use a platform exclusively for Christians or not. Some websites let you filter your results and matches based on their religion. These general websites have more users and could increase your chances for success, but they could also increase your chances of winding up with someone who doesn’t share your faith.

5. Pick a dating service that has an app available if you spend all your time on the go.

6. Find a website with a reliable gender balance. The more even the genders on a website, the more likely you are to find a match.

7. Find a website with a significant user base. The more people there are, the more people you can match with. IT’s as simple as that.

What are the Advantages of Christian Dating Sites?

While many websites cater to everyone, there are some unique advantages to using sites that cater exclusively to Christian dating websites. Here are those advantages:

Best Niche Dating Apps Free

1. You’re more likely to find a Christian match, giving you someone who shares your faith.

2. If you are a staunch Christian who believes in staying pure before marriage, you’ll have an easier time finding a partner through a Christian-only dating website.

3. You’ll likely raise your kids with God if you match through a Christian website and get married.

4. Some of these services match people through Biblical principles, meaning that your relationship is less likely to end in divorce


Are All the People on Christian Dating Sites True Believers?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to be sure that everyone on a dating website is as devout as they claim to be. Several people aren’t Christians but still, use these websites. In addition, different people use these websites for various reasons. Some people could be more adventurous than others and are curious about dating a Christian. There’s also the risk that the other person could be a fraudster looking to prey on an innocent Christian who only wants to find love.

The standard rules for dating websites apply even to Christian websites. Don’t take anyone at face value. Talk to people until you get a good feeling for who they are and trust them. Never send money to someone you meet on an online dating site.

Conclusion - Which Christian Dating Site Should You Go For?

Dating as a Christian doesn’t need to be complicated. We want to make things as simple as possible for you by giving you a selection of sites to choose from. Christian dating websites and apps can be hit or miss at times. You might meet plenty of viable Christian dates, or you could find yourself disappointed with how few options there are for you.

A lot of your success comes down to the website you choose. So take care when considering a service and do some homework to find one with an excellent reputation, time-tested matchmaking, and chat rooms and forums where users can get together and chat. We highly recommend eHarmony or BigChurch, as for us these two are the best christian dating sites of 2021.

All the apps and websites featured on our list help to connect people based on their shared values and faith. These platforms can all help connect Christian singles and bring people where they want to be in life. So keep the faith, and you’ll find love before you know it. Good luck!

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