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Let's face it - we live in a world where online hookups has become the modern-day equivalent to the classic 'meet-cute' in every '90s rom-com. But in real life, it's never as simple as it's portrayed on the big screen (boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl). Instead, it looks more like scouring an overcrowded bar for other singles, hoping to find a connection with at least one other person.

Dating and going on multiple dates is a tiring, and often unsuccessful, process. Please welcome the sexting sites of 2021. It's a way better option than reaching down into the bottom of the barrel and resorting to texting your toxic ex.

The app is easy to use and has people from around the world. One of the best things about this app is that you do not know who will be the next person you will get to talk to. If case you are interested in a stranger video chat app, HOLLA Live is the best fit for you. Also Read: Best Free Lip Sync Apps For Android & iOS. One of the best use of video chat apps is to talk to people you already know, but there are times when you feel like talking to a complete stranger. If that’s what you feel like doing then you should definitely give Holla: Random Video Chat app a try. Holla is a very popular app for random video chat. 30-days subscription $6.99. 3-months subscription $16.99. 6-months subscription $24.99. MeetMe is a mix of dating app and anonymous chat app. You can stay as private as you want or you can reveal a little more about yourself. There is an option to login via Facebook but you can choose an email login instead.

The Top Sexting Sites 2021

It's no secret that there are many factors to consider when sexting and finding the right dating site for you.

So, we've picked out a few of our favorites. These options will get you off to a good start:


AdultFriendFinder is great for finding a sexting partner. The website does not waste time with a lengthy registration process and the users don't waste time with small talk. It's straight to business with AdultFriendFinder.

This platform is predominately used by the swinger community. Swinger members can be either couples or single people looking for an open relationship. Most are looking to engage in sexual activity with other users. It could be someone of the same sex or of the opposite sex, depending on your preference. Through this platform, swingers can choose to keep the relationship solely online or they can choose to meet in-person as well.

There are also many messaging and texting options on the site, like email, video streaming, private chatting, and more. Essentially, with the variety of choices available, you can pick how you want your sexting journey to go and what form of communication you prefer to use.

AdultFriendFinder has an intricate search system that allows you to search for people based on a variety of factors, like location, kink, or a hotness rating. For example, if you are specifically looking for a sexting partner that has a certain desire, this platform gives you the ability to search based on that fetish.

Is AdultFriendFinder Free?

While AdultFriendFinder offers a free basic membership, the paid subscription will give you access to other features and platform perks.


Snapsext is a great option for snapping a nude, trading pictures and hooking up online more generally.

The interface should seem familiar, it's a lot like Snapchat and Arousr. Snapsext has a huge database of users to choose from. Expect to send texts and messages to other users, or exchange picture and video content.

When initially looking for sexting partners, the site has a quality search engine that will guide you in the right direction, providing quick results. It'll be easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

To sign up for the platform, you will need to provide an email and create a password. It will then ask you to specify your gender and location, so they can work to match you with some users near you. This will come in handy if you eventually decide to meet in-person later down the road.

You can upload a profile picture and you'll even get notified when someone views your profile. Adding a photo will help to attract other users and encourage them to interact with your account. Be prepared to snap a few selfies and upload them.

Additionally, the site offers a lot of camera shows, live stream videos, and private chat rooms. You can even sync your Snapchat contacts to your account and connect with mutual friends.

Is Snapsext Free?

There is a free sexting option on Snapsext. However, to use all tools and features available, you will have to pay around $30-$40 per month, depending on the subscription.


Arousr features over 300,000 members, a free sexting option, other subscriptions that have a credit-based payment system. They offer different perks to incentivize you to continue to buy credits and remain active on the site.

Unfortunately, their mobile app is only compatible with Android-backed devices, but the website is easy-to-use and offers all tools and resources needed.

When signing up, you'll be asked to pick a username, enter your birthday, and agree to the privacy policy and other terms of use. After that, you can begin using the platform as you please.

This sexting website allows you to send voice messages and video chats, as well as photos. However, the more content you want to send, the more credits it will cost you.

You can even choose to chat with professional sexting partners, who are very experienced on the site.

Is Arousr Free?

There is a free option available on Arousr, but it is limiting. The free version will allow you to chat with other members, but much of the explicit content requires a paid subscription. Plus, you'll get 100 free credits when you sign up to chat with your matches.


Seeking is a great online dating website. Many of the platforms include younger members, though there are some older users as well.

You will have to pay to connect with another user. You might even have to come up with a more detailed agreement between each party.

Other than that, everything is pretty straightforward. You can sext using the private messaging system or through the video chat feature. Users can also choose to take the online relationship to another messaging platform.

Is Seeking Free?

Seeking is not free, and you must pay to connect with other members.

Ashley Madison

Best Chatting Dating App Free

The Ashley Madison platform goes a step beyond the back-and-forth of playful, kinky photos and videos. Most of the users are married and looking to have an affair. This can happen in several different ways, including sexting, video messaging, and even meeting in-person for a hookup.

Even though it's a site designed for people looking for an extramarital affair, it functions like any other online sexting app. First, you will be asked to set up a profile. Then you can start searching for people to connect with.

Privacy is typically on the minds of every member using this site. Every user has an equal amount to lose. You will find that most are trustworthy and will use a high level of discretion.

You will be pleased to know the site has a large member community, and most are highly active on the site. You'll be able to find and chat with many people in a similar situation.

Is Ashley Madison Free?

You can download and sign up for Ashley Madison for free. You can even use the search engine and view other users' pictures with just a free account. To start chatting and using the full scope of the site, a monthly membership is recommended.

Sexting Friend Finder - Reddit

Reddit is designed to discuss a wide range of topics, including sexting. This free message board allows you to sext with other users. There are also other subreddits where you can find someone to privately sext with.

Free Online Dating Chat App

In the forum, you can sort through users and find a partner who shares your desires and is specifically into the things you're into. When you ultimately find someone, you can sext via the Reddit private messaging app or another platform.

Is Sexting Friend Finder -Reddit Free?

Yes, Reddit is free to use for all members.


SextFriend boasts over 650,000 members, leaving its mark in the online dating world. It has a huge community of adults looking for sexting partners that are just as open-minded and excited as them.

There is a downside, however. The site hosts a large number of users, making the possibility of fraud higher than some of the other sexting sites on the market. Still, you should be able to find and connect with a quality sexting partner. You will just have to be extra careful and vet your prospects thoroughly.

SextFriend has a user-friendly app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. This will allow you to send texts and photos right from your phone, adding an extra level of ease and convenience. Essentially, you can use SextFriend wherever you go. It's not limited to desktop computers, like many other online dating and sexting websites.

To sign up, the site will ask for your email address, and that's about it. The overall signup process is simple and straightforward. After only a few clicks, you'll be ready to start using the platform in no time.

SextFriend will ask you to be polite and respectful to other members, while also warning you that you may be exposed to explicit content that is accessible on the site.

Before heading to the site, you should know that most of SextFriend's users do not beat around the bush. They, more often, will cut right to the chase.

Is SextFriend Free?

The SextFriend subscription is free to use. There are also paid options and other upgrades available as well.


Snapchat is used for a plethora of different things, from exchanging pictures with friends to sexting with intimate partners. Snapchat is one of the most popular ways to sext and send photos, especially within the younger community.

It's a great platform for sending scandalous pictures and videos because you can set them to disappear after a certain amount of time. Of course, you run the risk of your partner screen-grabbing the photo before the time limit has run out. That's why it's important to build a foundation of trust with your partner before sending kinky content.

Is Snapchat Free?

Snapchat is 100% free to use. And even better - you probably already have an account. If not, it's quite easy to sign up. If you have a consistent sexting partner on another platform that requires a monthly subscription, you may want to consider moving the online relationship over to Snapchat.


JerkMate is all about webcam videos and connecting members through those forms of content. The idea is that users can masturbate to live videos and communication with others in the chat rooms.

This platform is completely free to use. The videos are live-streamed and anyone can watch them. Plus, you can choose to use the chat feature as well during the videos.

The site is completely anonymous since you don't need to create an account. You can simply connect with new people every time you head over the site.

Is JerkMate Free?

JerkMate is one of the only online dating websites that is completely free to use. Of course, if you want a private video or special treatment, you will have to pay a little extra.



Best Free Video Chat Dating Apps

Dust is very similar to Snapchat. It claims to 'protect your assets' with messages and pictures that disappear over time. Plus, the communication is completely encrypted and removed within a 24-hour window.

As a major bonus, everything you do on the app can be 100% anonymous. Your name will not appear anywhere when messaging with another person. So, if your partner were to screenshot one of your pictures, you can deny it until the cows come home.

Is Dust Free?

Dust offers members a free subscription.


Confide is another great option for sending sexy photos. Here's the cherry on top - it claims to be completely screenshot-proof. When someone tries to screenshot a photo or video, the site will automatically gray out the picture or recording. Plus, if someone tries to take a screenshot other members will be notified. This will disincentivize members to screen-grab their sexting partners' photos.

Of course, this feature is not foolproof. Someone could use another phone or camera to snap a photo. The moral of the story - always be careful when sending such personal content.

Is Confide Free?

Confide does require a paid subscription, but it is pretty affordable compared to some of the other apps and sites out there. Memberships cost anywhere from $4.99-$15/month, depending on your plan. There is, however, a free version with limited user capabilities.


Signal is an online messaging outlet that ensures a high level of security and safety when it comes to sending videos, photos, and messages. Signal is a great option for polyamorous individuals, as you can choose to have group texts.

Signal isn't specifically designed for sexting and online dating, but the encrypted texts make it an excellent tool for such communication. The platform offers everything you'll need for a hassle-free, fun sexting experience.

If you're worried about getting caught, this might be the best site for you. According to the platform, no one will ever be able to hack into your dirty texts. There are multiple layers of encryption, ensuring security and safety. You can rest assured knowing that no one will unlock your sexts.

Is Signal Free?

Signal is completely free to use, with no limitations. There aren't any ads on the site either, making it a seamless online experience.

Best Free Video Chat Dating App


OkCupid is one of the more classic online dating websites. The user database is overwhelming, and most are very active on the site. Though, it's important to note, most members are looking for a more serious relationship, rather than a sexting-based relationship. But still, you never know what you may find on there.

Plus, OkCupid offers users a ton of helpful features and tools to find a partner. You can search for other members, message them, view their photos, and even view their social media accounts (if linked to their profile).

Once you register, you will immediately get suggestions for potential matches. You can sort through the results from there.

Is OkCupid Free?

Many of the core features on OkCupid are free. You can view someone's profile and message them - all for free. But there are a few paid feature offerings you can choose to opt into, though it's not required.

Sexting Basics and Tips

What is Sexting?

Sexting is the act of sending messages, photos, and videos that are quite explicit to another person, also known as your sexting partner.

Online sexting could be done in a variety of ways, like voice messages, dirty talk, a virtual hookup, and other private, yet fun ideas.

Sext Safely

Sexting can be a new and exciting way to keep the energy flowing between a long-distance fling or even a newcomer on a dating app. But, as with anything done on certain sites and apps, it's important to be careful and safe at all times.

When finding a sexting partner, you should always try to build trust, get consent, and protect yourself overall. This could mean not sending messages you wouldn't want the world to see if such a scenario were to happen. If you're interested in being a bit riskier, it's crucial to always use the right platform, chat room, sexting website.

You could always start on a normal messaging app, like Snapchat, or another private platform you feel comfortable using. From there, you could explore other sexting websites, which in the long-run could prove to be a safer, more secure option. Remember - any Snapchat you send could be followed with a screenshot. Many of the more professional sexting apps have screenshot protection.

Basic Online Sexting Site Tips

When using a sexting app, it's important to remember and follow a few basic rules:

Protect Your Privacy

No matter how safe the sites and apps claim to be, the only entity that can fully protect your privacy is you. This isn't to say sexting can't be safe and secure - it can. Many of these free sexting apps and chat rooms contain certain features that are designed to protect your content and identity. However, at the end of the day, sexting sites cannot protect against every scenario.

For example, let's say the dating site has a layer of protection prohibiting a user from taking a screenshot. That's great and all, but nothing is prohibiting that user from opening your explicit photo on their computer and taking a picture of it on their phone.

That could easily happen, and you should prepare yourself if something like that were to occur. Always keep it in the back of your mind with every picture you snap, video you record, or message you send.

Build Trust and Know Your Audience

Before sending anything too explicit, make sure you thoroughly trust the person on the other side of the screen.

You could do this by sending a few texts that begin to blur the line but don't fully cross that line. These pre-sexts can be used to gauge whether or not someone is trustworthy and interested in crossing the line with you.

When you start chatting with users on these free sexting sites, always evaluate the situation before sending raunchy photos, videos, and messages.

Be Considerate of Your Partner's Privacy as Well

Finding a sexting partner is a fun game, but always ask for consent and whether the person wants to do the cyber-dirty with you. You'll then want to ask what that looks like for them - photos, videos, voice messages, simply chatting, etc.?

And it's always a good idea to ensure your partner that you are a trustworthy person and would never exploit their information. You may appreciate that reassurance in return as well. This type of back-and-forth works to set ground rules right at the beginning of your sexting adventure, which will help to avoid any sort of miscommunication or misinterpretation.

Besides, the internet tends to make things feel very permanent. If your sexting partner asks you to keep things confidential, you better do it. And that level of respect works both ways. Any betrayal of trust will just ruin the experience for everybody involved.


A good sexting site can provide you with exactly what you're looking for. With a little bit of research, you can find one that best fits your needs. Many offer more general sexting features, like private messaging and chat rooms. These are great for those looking for a more standard sexting experience.

There are also websites tailored to specific situations one may be looking for, like swinging with another couple or simply engaging in video content only. Plus, many of these sites and apps have a wide range of security protection tools to put your nerves at ease. You can choose to use a site where you can remain anonymous, protecting yourself from screenshots. Or you can choose a more classic online dating site, like OkCupid, for free. It all depends on your preferences and what you're looking for.

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