Best Dating Sites For Single Moms

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Entering the dating game as a single parent could be a little tricky on account of how young other singles on the online dating scene tend to be. solves this problem by restricting use to singles over the age of 40 years old, making it one of the best dating apps for single moms. is one of the best free dating sites for single parents, which boasts of having the most extensive dating pool out there. They have had millions of users over the years! In addition to their impressive numbers and many awesome communication features, this site is perfect for single parents because of the security features.

Dating hadn’t even crossed my mind ever since I was a carefree young adult. ‘A single working mother with two adorable but feisty kids’ is enough to answer the question; ‘why’. But one day, sitting on the couch sipping wine while the kids were at a birthday party, I found myself searching dating apps for single parents. Single parents often give up on dating thinking it’s going to be impossible to find someone who is a perfect balance of a partner and your child’s friend.

Parenthood leaves little time for yourself; snack time can be sneaking a cookie in the laundry room and sometimes naps are a rarity. However, seasons change and an upside of these smartphones that are probably rotting my kids’ brains, is the easy availability of a thousand different dating apps and sites. For those, like me, who are looking to change their current relationship status, which is sleeping diagonally across the queen-sized bed, here are some apps and sites that you should definitely try.

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1. Single Parent Love

This is a premium service aiming to match up single parents across the world. People who are looking for a long-term or serious relationship can easily find someone at this site. You simply create a profile, add photos and start communicating.

And so I did. It felt good, not having to mention that I was a parent. The results were mediocre at best. The biggest advantage is that it’s free. With the option of choosing when and how frequently I could get emails, I set it on ‘Never’ and my inbox was free from oversaturation.

You can upgrade to a three month free trial of the platinum membership by just uploading a photo. What’s more? You can find matches locally as well as internationally.

With thousands of profiles, this site claims to provide a fun, safe and uniquely single parent dating experience. Single Parent Love also admits members who may not be parents but are welcoming to dating single parents.

2. eHarmony

Everyone’s heard of this website. With a free basic membership, eHarmony connects individuals searching for meaningful, deep-rooted relationships. It includes a four-step process which helps to find the right match.

A detailed and extensive questionnaire regarding many characteristics and criteria had to be filled in. It took me about twenty minutes and then the algorithm sets out to find matches accordingly. Though this site is not specifically created for single parents, the option to emphasize the same makes it easier. You get to view whether a potential match has children and/or wishes to have more.

Also, the app made it simpler to continue conversations and scroll through prospective matches. With traits and qualities matched through a scientific process, I found that the matches were far better at eHarmony.

3. OkCupid

There is a free version of this site and app along with upgrades with add-ons. I found this one to be highly interactive. It features a lot of user-generated questions that allow you to really get to know a potential match.

I went on the mission to read a match’s responses to these questions and tallying them up to my own answers. You can really tell a lot about a person through these questions!

OkCupid has the option of mentioning whether you have children and helped me filter matches. They insist that their one-of-a-kind algorithm matches you on what actually matters. With over 94 million connections made every year, OkCupid was definitely on top of my list.

4. Tinder

Though Tinder is a very popular site for hookups, but it does have people looking for long-term relationships. So when I did turn to this oh-so-popular dating app, I knew what to expect. Tinder is simple and easy; swipe left if you don’t like the person and right if you do.

The photos can be a bit too much, but I knew that it’s the bio that counts. It is brief and to the point. Tinder has gone mainstream and a lot of people rely on it to find a partners interested in long-term relationships.

Free Senior Dating Sites For Over 60

Though it doesn’t have a profile with boxes that needs to be filled, I did mention that I am a single mother. What I can say with certainty is that it was a lot of fun. The option of unmatching when I found a guy is a win for me. I connected with a couple of single dads and even went on a few dates. Overall, I would totally recommend Tinder.

5. Bumble


Bumble places the power dating into the hands of women. If you are done with cheesy pick-up lines, unwanted disgusting pictures and stalkers, Bumble might be your best option. Since the men on this site are comfortable with women being in charge, there is a better quality of matches. Women get the exclusive privilege of commencing talks.

Best Dating Sites For Single Mothers

The app is free, easy and fun with a plausible upgrade plan. After linking up my Facebook profile, the app suggested a variety of potential mates. With a time limit for each match, I made sure to check it frequently and initiate conversations with the ones that struck my fancy.

Single Moms Dating Website

It was a great deal to actually make some time and get out into the world. The excitement of meeting someone new, a first date and a potential future as a woman, just a woman, was enough to boost my confidence. The fact that I took the decision to start dating was a healthy, positive sign.

Best Dating Sites For Single MomsMoms

6. Doulike

DoULike is a unique dating platform that site allows people to find love, make new friends, chat on topics of interest. A nice bonus – everything is absolutely free for women. What else? Doulike connects people looking for meaningful, deep relationships with a completely free Basic Membership. Matches on user profiles can be both local and international. With tens of thousands of profiles, this website offers fun, safe and unique opportunities to meet single parents, women and men of all ages and social status.

Doulike also recognizes members who may not be parents but want to date single parents. Moreover, it has become quickly in the application to conduct conversations and view profiles of other users. People who are trying to find a long-term or serious relationship can find someone on this site.

You just create a profile, add photos and start chatting. Be sure to fill out the detailed and comprehensive questionnaire regarding the desired criteria and characteristics. While this site isn’t specifically for single parents, choosing someone with the same desires as yourself makes things and the entire dating process easier. Also be sure to check to see if the prospective partner has children and/or wants more. It is also awesome that this site is user-friendly and feature-rich, perfect for helping you find the best dating match.

As a single parent, dating can mean feelings of guilt, anxiety, and even shame. For any solo parent making a comeback into the dating, it’s common to feel nervous about striking up a new romance. With a history, single parents are afraid to get hurt or unsure of figuring out internet dating.

Yes, dating as a parent can seem daunting and challenging. But remember, dating is about meeting new people, learning about yourself, your tastes and needs at this time of your life.

It is okay to take your time and go slow about it. Indulge in a little self-love, click some new pictures and prioritize on creating a good profile. The internet is just a medium and the point is to try different things while having fun!

The world of online dating can be big and scary for single moms. For many, the idea of dating is an overwhelming one and online dating is the scariest phrase in a single woman’s vocabulary. This is partly because of the misconception that all online dating sites are the same. The number of sites is growing rapidly and with careful consideration and research, you can easily find one that accommodates your lifestyle as a single mom.

The approach to online dating should always be one of caution and careful research. It may seem as if they are all the same, but they are not. There are a variety of differences in online dating platforms. Some are strictly guys or men looking for a quick connect or hook-up and others are primarily filled with men who seek meaningful friendships and possibly more. The first step is to understand what’s out there and what they offer. In addition, you want to choose sites that best match your desires or dating intentions.

Free Single Parents Dating Site

Here are a few of the top sites for single, middle-aged moms according to online research.

  • Match – this is one of the most common online dating sites out there. It is also the most popular because it has worked for many singles. The algorithms updates and updates of ways to interact with like singles make it a great tool for finding individuals with similar interests. Search variations, filters that specify eye color or religion and match preferences are only a few of the items that make this site ideal for single moms.
  • Elite Singles – a hidden online dating jewel that primarily caters to busy professionals that seek a special someone. Work is hectic and then there’s life. You want to date but don’t have the time to browse through endless profiles on hopeless sites. Most of the singles on this site are refined professionals and seeking a quality measure to connect with others like themselves. The profiles are detailed, and you’re matched based on more than 25 unique characteristics.
  • Love Again – this site is for the middle-aged single one that no longer wants to be single. Just as the name indicates, if you’re looking for love, this is the site. This site is fairly new to the online dating platform but has a simple interface and is easy to maneuver if you’re new to the concept of online dating. Interact at your own pace with flirty winks, quick chats or instant messages for users you may want to eventually connect with in the future.

The most credible online dating platforms consider factors such as relationship status, age, parental obligations and other personal preferences. It is essential to understand your needs and wants, as well as what your expectations are from the other person. Online dating doesn’t have to be your only source of dating, but it is a good option to have when you’re ready to jump back in the dating pool. Move at your own pace and only agree to meet in a public setting the first few dates.

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