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What to do when you’re 40 and single? Does it seem to you that you have tried merely EVERYTHING, but still no result? Already desperate to find love and preparing yourself for loneliness? Cheer up! We will give you a list of the best places to meet singles over 40 to increase your chances.

Best Online Dating Sites For 40 Year Olds

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  • 9.0 claims almost 50% of their members are 30-49 years old, and 26.5% are 50+, making it one of the best dating sites for people over 40. This popular dating site charges a monthly fee, which means you are more likely to find women there who are serious about meeting someone.

Aug 27, 2015 If you want help with online dating, your profile or choosing the best dating app, give me a call at 203-877-3777. Single for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. So, she made a few tweaks and then dated 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul. Tinder is the go-to dating app for women of all ages. The whole nature of Tinder is very casual, so you don’t have to worry about your matches being saturated with women looking for Prince Charming.

Some Tips on How to Find a Date at 40

Best Dating Apps For Women

Before starting your search outside, do one inside. Answer the following blocks of questions.

  • What are my hopes? Decide whether you seek sexual or romantic relationships.
  • Who am I looking for? What do I expect my perfect match to be? What hobbies might they have? Answers will give you a clue on where to go.
  • How could I attract such a person? What traits should I develop? Is there something to be changed? Then you will understand how to conform to your expected partner.

And now let’s mull over some best place to meet 40 year old woman and men.

Qualities People Over 40 Appreciate

The third block of questions mentioned above is about traits a person should have to find a partner he or she wants. It is important to know when you should seek like-minded singles.

What Men in Their 40s Want

At this age, men tend to look deeper than young gentlemen. It means a great ass is less important than intelligence and reliability. Middle-aged males want to have long-term relationships, and they need a woman to be trusted and to get over obstacles together.

What Women over 40 Like in Men

Just like men, single middle-aged ladies want durable and safe relationships with a reliable and mature partner. But they still appreciate romance – flowers, cute gifts, candlelight dinner. These lovely gestures bring warmth to the relationships.

Best Ways to Meet Singles Over 40

Dating at 40 for women

If you are a bit shy, loath to change, or just not sure about your true desires, have a look at your closest surroundings. It often happens that a person gives up their current life, moves to another country, changes the occupation field, and then it is a classmate or a lost childhood friend who becomes their significant other. Professional dating advisors recommend having a different look at the following options.

Your Friend’s Friends

Some people think that having relationships with your mate’s acquaintances is a straight way to destroy the friendship. But that’s a teenager’s point of view. 40+ singles are mainly interested in mature, serious relationships that would meet their expectations and requirements. Who knows you better than your friend? He or she may introduce you to a good reliable person who shares your interests (and friends! which means a lot).

Visit your friends’ BBQ parties, join them in some new activities. Do not reject their proposals to go on a double date with their partner’s best friend. It works, though it may seem too unrealistic.

Your Workplace


A workplace romance has a far more bad reputation than dating one’s friend’s friend. But you spend a great amount of time at work, getting to meet people who have the same professional qualities and fields of interests. It is worth looking closely at the male colleagues, making contacts, and telling people that you do not mind starting relationships. You will not have to leave your comfort zone, think of a new activity, etc. Just be yourself and give a chance to your surroundings.

Online Dating Sites

Though adults do not trust internet dating, this way of finding a partner often works excellent. There are plenty of apps for meeting singles over 40. Here are some of the best platforms.


OurTime is part of the group of dating sites and is specifically focused on singles over 40. It’s a number 1 single over 40 dating site according to users’ reviews.


It attracts singles who are serious about meeting someone for a long-term relationship. Ladies, this app makes it easier to find a husband after 40.


This app has a peculiarity: only females can write a message to men after their mutual likes. No time for being shy!

Where to Meet Women over 40

Karaoke Bar

Women love karaoke, and it is a brilliant way to spend time with friends drinking, singing, and partying. The key point for men is not to be afraid of rejection. Come up, ask the lady which songs she likes, suggest singing together. Karaoke bars have a low-pressure, friendly environment, so everybody there is eager to meet new people.

Kids-Involving Events

The older a female becomes, the more she is keen to spend time with children. So, the best place to meet a 40-year-old woman can be a ballet show at a local kids club, summer camps, non-school studying events, and so on. The great thing about such events is that they’re relaxed and unassuming. The focus is placed on the event, not on meeting someone.


When looking for women over 40, it is worth visiting a concert. It may be a classical music concert, a show dedicated to some holiday, or a theatre performance.

Salsa Lessons

A lot of people think that the best place to meet a 40-year-old woman is a dance studio. Many single ladies 40 to 50 attend salsa classes because of three reasons:

  • It is beneficial for health;
  • A great opportunity to socialize;
  • Salsa is not salsa without a male partner.

Single men should take into account those points. Even if you do not manage to find a match at salsa lessons, at least you move your body and entertain.

Charity Organizations

The next recommendation on how to meet women over 40 is to do charity. Middle-aged women usually want to spend their time usefully. Taking part in charity campaigns is the best way to do that. These campaigns include organizing celebrations for the elderly at nursing homes, fundraising, collecting garbage in a local park. It is not only a romantic affair you should look for but true participation. Involvement in charity organizations helps make new contacts with a lot of people.

Where to Meet Single Men Over 40

Soccer Games

Almost every man in this universe is fond of sport, and soccer is one of the most popular. Male fans will adore your excitement for the game. Discussing the hottest moments of the match is a great beginning for relationships.

Group Biking

Single females over 40 also could try group biking. Team sports unite, strengthen, and reveal a person’s hidden traits when some difficulties occur. Athletic, hardy, brave men – isn’t it a dream? Ladies, do not worry about looking not as beautiful as you usually do. Ponytail, sweat, and hard breathing are not repulsive for sportsmen.

Meetup Groups

Women over 40 looking for men should pop in meetup groups for singles. One of the biggest benefits of such over 40 singles events is that everybody came there to find a partner. What you need to do is to be opened so that others know what exactly you are looking for.

It takes little effort to find a meetup group, thanks to the Meetup online platform. You just type what interests you or a keyword into the search bar and choose the most appealing meeting. The meetings can be held online and offline. You can organize your groups for singles over 40 to increase your chances, too.

Art Festivals

Music festivals and art exhibitions belong to the list of the best places to meet men over 40. There is no need to visit Louvre; it is enough to go to your local art museum and make some acquaintances with citizens.

Attend a Lecture

Nowadays, professional coaches organize a huge amount of fascinating lectures. Speakers touch upon various topics, and you can meet many interesting people there. A lecture might give you a stimulus to develop in some new field, too. That will bring new (including single) people into your life.

Health Resort

How to meet a man after 40 if I want to do nothing? There is only one way – going to a health resort. These places are extremely popular among middle-aged people, and many of them go there not to improve their health but to have an affair or find love. A relaxed and romantic atmosphere helps start relationships.

If Nothing Works, Go Abroad

Many couples of 40s singles dating advice to go abroad and meet people there. Everybody gets interested in a foreigner because people enjoy meeting new beautiful cultures. Traveling abroad is an amazing opportunity to broaden your horizons and find love.

Last Words

Dating in middle age is hard but not impossible. There are many things to do when you’re 40 and single – traveling, doing sports, starting a new hobby. We gave you a list of the best places to meet your peers. Now, ladies and gentlemen, go there and make new contacts so that nobody calls you ‘single over 40’ ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Always Have Problems With Dating Singles Over 40?

  • You have too high expectations for your partner and demand impossible things.
  • You never concede. This regards especially middle-aged people, who have a certain mindset and do not want to change.
  • You try to look perfect, and when the truth about you is revealed, you become a completely different person in the partners’ eyes. Illusions and masks cannot be a basement for healthy relationships.

Does the Fact That I Have Kids Scare Singles Away from Me?

It does not. Single women over 40 clearly understand that a man of this age has got children. Moreover, if a woman does not care about kids from your previous relationships, it is a sign that she doesn’t take you seriously.

What if I Stay Single Forever?

It is normal to be single for the rest of your life if you feel happy and comfortable. People say it is better to remain single and enjoy your life than to live with someone who makes you feel lonely and unhappy. But make sure you do it not for fear or insecurity. If so, it is worth visiting a professional psychologist.

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Best Dating App For 40 Year Old Woman Uk

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Best dating site for 40 year old woman

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