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Are you looking for someone to spend some quality time with? Someone who could understand how you feel and someone who fits the qualities that you like? Now, there is a way for you to meet different people from all across the globe. Searching for that special someone is now at your grasp without difficulties. All you have to do is to create an online account and just type. You can now meet people from different countries. People nowadays have adapted to the trend of international dating. As time passes by, more and more people are now open in meeting people with a different race.
The website that I am talking about is Creating an account is super easy. There are even two options available. With just a few typing and some clicking, you will be closer to your future partner in no time. I will show you how to create your own account. All you have to do is to go to Once you are in the page, you will see a picture of a pretty woman. On the left side of the page, you can see the sign-up options. As mentioned above, you have two options. You can choose to sign up using your Facebook account or you can create your own personal account for International Cupid. In this article, the one I will be teaching you to create is the personal account. Joining the website is free.

American cupid dating Registration

InternationalCupid is part of the well-established Cupid Media network that operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites and apps. This international dating app is a great way to meet European women, Asian singles, African singles and Latin singles. With a commitment to connecting singles worldwide, we bring you an app that caters exclusively. This InternationalCupid review discusses all the significant aspects of the world-class dating website. Cupid Media Pvt Ltd is a leading name when it comes to niche dating websites — they are the founders of reputed dating sites like OkCupid, PinkCupid, FilipinoCupid, and many more. Premium Service - Exclusive International Dating. Started in 2004, InternationalCupid is part of the well-established Cupid Media network that operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites. With a commitment to connecting singles everywhere, we bring the world to you. We are committed to helping you find the perfect match no matter where they are.

Let’s go now for the first and most basic step, and that is creating an account. The account information that are included in registration steps are the basic ones. First, you need to type in your first name. Next, you will need to select your gender, male or female. You will then have to state your age. No minors are allowed to create an account for this website. On the bottom, you will then be prompted to type in you email address and of course, your chosen password.
Now then, since your account is new, the first thing that’s going to pop is the “add a photo” box. You can choose to upload a photo from your computer files or you can just import a photo from Facebook. Choose your preferred option and just click upload. Once you are done uploading your profile picture, what you’ll see in the next page, on the left side will be your profile picture, and on the middle part, comprising all the spaces of the page would be the screenshots of all the other International Cupid members. Going back, we did click our gender right? Male or Female? If you chose male, then expect to see women on your profile page, vice versa for women account holders.

Searching Options

What comes next would have to be searching for that perfect someone. Searching options for this website is so easy. Below your profile picture is the search box. Provide your gender and your preferred partner’s gender, male or female. You also need to provide the range of the age that you are interested in, for example 25-30 years old. Next, you need to choose which country you want to look for and then for a much specific search, you may also enter the state, city, and the distance from your own location. Amazing right? The last two steps would have to be to choose if you want an account holder with or without a profile photo and also to choose if you prefer the ones who are presently active or include the ones who are idle or not online. Check all the information you have entered and then once you think it’s okay, just click the “Search” button. You will be surprised with the results being provided. The next step will be all up to you and that is choosing the one you like.

Common Features

Common Features included once you receive the search results include, the “Show Interest” button, the one with the heart. If you click this, the profile holder will be prompted. Or you can also send him or her a personal message. Beside the picture of the account holder, you can see icons linking to his profile, you can also see if he is online so that you can begin chatting. If you like the person, you can also click the “Add to favorites” icon.
Finding the perfect partner is now so easy. You don’t have to travel. You just have to have an Internet connection and the time to create an account. So easy and amazing right? I hope I have helped you in so many ways.

There are two ways to meet Latin American women: offline and online. I won’t deny that meeting women in the wild is both exciting and rewarding. I mean, what’s more rewarding than seeing a cute girl, approaching her, getting her number or going on a date with her then and there?

But, you’re not here because you want to meet women in person. Chances are you’re more interested in meeting online.

And why not?

Meeting Latin American women online comes with many great advantages. First, there’s no risk of direct rejection. Second, you can “approach” lots of different women at once simply by contacting them and seeing if they’re interested.

Finally—and this is probably the best reason for online dating—you can do it from anywhere in the world. That means you don’t need to be physically in the same country as the girl to communicate and build attraction with her. That’s just plain awesome.

Moreover, even if you love meeting women in person, online dating should be part of your arsenal. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing both.

OK, now that I’ve got your appetite wet, you have two main options when it comes to online dating: Tinder and Latin American Cupid. Everyone knows Tinder, you know that app where you swipe right or left, depending on whether you like the person or not, so I won’t talk about it much here.

I will say one thing about Tinder. Unfortunately, most of the women you meet on there just aren’t suitable for long-term or serious relationships. Furthermore, the quality and beauty of the women you meet on there leave a lot to be desired.

Actually, the best way to meet women in Latin America is via a site called Latin American Cupid. Latin American Cupid is part of the portfolio of niche sites that cover meeting women pretty much anywhere in the world. Regardless where you are in the world and what kind of women you want to date, there will be a specific community where you can meet the kind of girl you’re looking for.

For instance, here’s a quick list of Latin American niche sites:

Brazil – Brazilian Cupid (learn more or read our review)

Colombia – Colombian Cupid (learn more or read our review)

Latin American International Cupid

Mexico – Mexican Cupid (learn more)

For all the other countries, the solid choice is to use Latin American Cupid where you can meet women from every nook and cranny of Latin America, from Argentina to Venezuela.

When it comes to the actual way of communicating and setting up dates, it helps to have a strategy in place.

American International Cupid

Here’s a good strategy to use:

1) Before you leave your home country, contact 10-15 women with a simple “Hello” or “Hola.” The goal should be to determine their interest and see if they would like to meetup at some point. You can also follow up with, “Do you speak English?” if your Spanish is weak.

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2) Not all the women will respond right away, and many women won’t be interested at all, so don’t worry about them. However, with those that respond, chat with them over the course of few days, even a week to build some rapport and comfort. After building comfort, ask for their number so you can add them to a separate instant messaging app such as WhatsApp that’s used by Latin Americans all over.

American Cupid Dating

3) Once you’ve added her to WhatsApp, continue chatting with her and building comfort. The fact that she gave you her number so you can add her is a good sign and means that she’s more seriously interested in meeting you and continuing chatting with her over a woman who doesn’t care.

4) As soon as you know when you’ll be visiting the country or when you’ve purchased the tickets, let her know. Once you’re in the country, contact her and setup a date. I recommend something simple like going for a coffee so the two of you can chat and get to know each other. Don’t set a bad precedent by taking her to an expensive restaurant.

Latin american international cupid

More tips and advice:


The standard “3 date” rule applies all over Latin America. If you went out with her to 3 separate dates and still haven’t gotten laid, then there’s a good chance you won’t get laid on the fourth and future dates. Better cut her lose and look for a new girl: there are lots of them out there.

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Latin American women can be manipulative and conniving. Avoid women who ask for money, regardless if it's for something small such as little gifts. While it's OK to help her with a cab ride every now and then, don't make it a habit because when she sees you giving her money easily, she'll view it as a weakness and take advantage of you further. Of course, paying for dinners and dates is pretty much the norm.

Don’t worry about a random rejection here and there, either when the women aren’t responding to your messages or if you do meet a girl but she doesn’t follow through on next several dates.

American International Cupid Association

Ultimately, it’s all one big numbers game. That’s just how it is. The way it works is that you must message a certain number women to get started. Some of those women will respond. In turn, some of those women will continue chatting with you. And, in turn, some of those women will end up going on a real date with you and seeing you in person.

The good news is that sooner or later, you will eventually find women who are interested in you as man and who would love to go on a date with you.

Closing thoughts

American International Cupid School

While you can certainly meet lots of great women in person by approaching them on the street, the restaurants, the coffee shops, the bars and clubs, online dating should definitely be part of your dating arsenal. It’s simply silly not to try it.

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